Syeda Alishba Amin-ud-Din has been invited to take part in Artrooms Fair London 2019 as a Guest Artist. Alishba is a young Pakistani artist spreading awareness about the rights of girls with unique abilities in Pakistan.

“We remember it vividly, the day when Almighty blessed us with her tiny form, bundled with happiness and joy. We also remember clearly the pain that we felt on realizing that she will have challenges ahead through her developmental stages. We had only two choices either to be sad and frustrated or accept the reality. However there was only one option worth considering for us and that was to pour in our love and effort so that she may be all that she could be and more…and here she is today 16 years later, a young girl who is smart and passionate and filled with compassion and empathy. But this sojourn of our little daughter turned lady from crib to canvas has not been without its rocks and splashes either with the biggest rock being society acceptance and her inclusion. Backed by her Mama’s perseverance and Papa’s strength she ploughed on in the face of discriminating and mocking labels often directed towards her…And of course there have been some remarkable mentors, her teachers, therapists and friends whose belief in her actually let ‘her true colors shine through..’ Mrs.Libby D’ Souza, Mrs.Christina, Mam. Sheero , Mr. Halal Zubairi, Mr. Sundeep Kumar, Ms. Munifa Ayub and many more. It was because of their faith in her capabilities that gave us the courage to keep going and our mere words can never define our gratitude to them. From as old as a pudgy 3 year old our daughter was an artist, there was not a single wall in our house which did not showcase her cute little expressions. As years grew, so did her love of drawing and expressionism unfurling her command over crayons, pencil colors, poster colors, soft pastels, Acrylics and black and white charcoal. However lost in her world of strokes and strikes, she has not let her formal education slip either and she is currently pursuing her O levels privately while acquiring command of French language from Alliance de Karachi and is set on studying Arts as well for her further qualifications along with French language. Her ambition does not wrap up here, she is set up on running her own art gallery, work towards advocating female education and health and especially those who have special needs. She aims to be a role model for all the children who are challenged in this realm but are gifted with their own, unique abilities. Her confidence is a symbol of strength for parents who have kids with special needs because she has a dream…a dream of an inclusive society, where everyone has a right to their own life and dreams. A society where there is no ridicule for being different but encouragement for realizing one’s own potential. It is her feelings, and thoughts and dreams and hope that you will see following paintings from the age of 3 till now and we hope that you will live the expressions of this beautiful mind as we have.”

written by Syed Amin-ud-Din & Dr. Iffet Sultana, parents of Alishba