The Artrooms organisers are thrilled to present you the members of the Selection Committee of the 2018 Edition of the fair.

Zsuzsanna Ardó, Award-winning visual artist, curator and writer

Zsuzsanna Ardó is an award-winning visual artist, curator and writer, living and working in London UK. Her art studio, AtelierA, happens to be at the edge of the Arctic glacier that carved out London.
As the art director of Creatives without Borders, she has curated international art exhibitions hosted by a variety of venues, including the British and the European Parliament, the Welsh Assembly, an international art festival in France, a research station in the Antarctic, an art museum in the Arctic, and BAFTA, London. Her solo exhibitions have been featured internationally, from New York to London, across Europe, in Asia and the Caribbean. She works on juries and teaches art workshops internationally in England, France, Hungary, the Caribbean and Italy. She has been the C4 Ensemble’s Artist in Residence 2016-17, where her Arctic-inspired paintings made in the Hudson Valley were auctioned in support of contemporary music-making. Three of her poems and her libretto, set to music by NY composers, were premiered during her C4 Ensemble NY residency.
Her experience of working as an artist on an expedition up in the High Arctic is a recurring influence in her work, exhibited widely, including the Port Authority HQ of Google in NY and The Royal Institution in London.

Artrois, Group of freelance curators

‘Artrois’ is a group consisting of three friends (Francesca Grillo, Veronika Mercieca and Jamie Borg) who have attended the same school for the last 12 years. They have created an art page on different social media platforms with the goal of sharing their own art and occasionally promoting lesser known artists.
The three of them have been heavily influenced by their upbringing through which they have developed a love for the arts. They all firmly believe that art plays an imperative role when it comes to individualization, as even in such a small group like ‘Artrois’ the variety in style, technique and media are distinctly evident.
They are currently delving deeper in the world of art as they are experimenting with different media and developing their own style to further on enhance the sense of particularity in their work of art.

Federica Beretta, Director of Ransom Gallery- Photography section

Federica studied Art and Finance at Sotheby’s Institute of Art and she holds a Master Degree in Arts Management at City University London.
She curated and coordinated more than twenty exhibitions over the last four years for the world-renowned photographers Terry O’Neill, Douglas Kirkland, Massimo Listri and for many established Italian artists, including Paolo Troilo and Marco Grassi.
She contributed to developing art projects in collaboration with BMW, BAFTA, Tiffany & Co., FIAT, Chrysler, Royal Polo Charity, Chelsea Arts club, Williams Racing team and Polo Awards.
Before moving to London, Federica worked as a full-time journalist covering current affairs, culture, travel and art. Currently, she collaborates with the art magazine Artribune covering Art Fairs and reviewing Art exhibitions, in addition to preparing interviews with Ransom Gallery’s artists that have been featured on BBC World, Sky News and Reuters.

Vestalia Chilton, Curator

Curator Vestalia Chilton is the founder of ATTOLLO ART, a company dedicated to making art more accessible to wider audiences.
‘’The biggest challenge in my work is making others understand why art has this enormous power. Creativity has the ability to inspire people, give hope, enlighten and include. People naturally respond to music on a subconscious level and I believe art has the same ability. If something becomes popular it is often because it is good, it makes sense or feels right’’ says Vestalia.
In her view the Hotel environment is a perfect setting for art, it is a public space enjoyed by people who may not necessarily venture into a gallery. Increasingly ATTOLLO ART has branched into street art – a medium that allows for direct dialogue with audiences. ATTOLLO ART launched a project in February of 2016 as part of 6th Edition Marrakech Biennale founded by Vanessa Branson in 2004, to curate the Street Art programme MB6: Street Art. The programme included the biggest mural in North Africa painted on Hassan Moulay Square spanning over 6,400 sq. meters along with 17 street murals painted across two cities Marrakech and Essaouira.
Vestalia was inspired to work in the arts by her tutor and fine artist Ian Humphreys during a year she took to train in painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture – learning the vital skills which now help her in attribution of art works. After Graduating with Valuation and Auctioning of Fine Art and Chattels BA Hons, Vestalia joined Sotheby’s in Bond Street before setting up her own consultancy.

The Exhibitionist

Sanielle Jones, Curator

Jones was born on August 18th, 1994, in a small city called Albany located in Georgia. As a child, the colors of life have seemed to always bring wonder and excitement for Sanielle Jones. Growing up, Jones realized she had a high sense of imagination and saw that art was her tool to help these imaginings come to life. As an introvert, the constant flow of ideas and thoughts often remain silence in Jones’s head, but through art, they are spoken out loud.
Therefore, art became an important part of her life and has helped her become the individual that she is today. In 2016, Jones began her artistic journey through experimenting creative skills with graphic design. Her skills were self-taught through her own personal experiments to seek her hidden talents. Through every self-discovery came the main focus and style on her journey to becoming an artist. With that being said, there is no signature style to Jones’s art pieces as they are ever changing as her ideas and constant love for being different. She believes that change and difference is an important ingredient in life because they encourage creativity and productivity for an individual. As a visually stimulated person, the art that Jones create is solely made for the amusement of the eyes and minds to provoke ideas and imagination in others. To her, art is the celebration of creativity and individualism. Art, like life, should be celebrated every day.

Tabish Khan, Art Critic

Tabish Khan is an art critic specialising in London’s art scene, covering contemporary and historical exhibitions. He visits and writes about hundreds of exhibitions a year covering everything from the major blockbusters to the emerging art scene.
Tabish has been visual arts editor for Londonist since 2013. Contributions include reviews, previews, news, experiences and opinion pieces. He is also a regular contributor for FAD with a weekly top 5 exhibitions to see in London and a column called ‘What’s wrong with art’.
He is available for interviews, radio and television appearances, to comment on exhibitions and the latest art news. While art is Tabish’s primary focus, he has written about film, theatre and many other experiences in London.

Andrea Mattiello, Art Historian and Curator

Byzantine Art and Contemporary Art historian and curator. He received a Master in History of Architecture (2001) and a Master in Visual Arts (2004) at the Università IUAV of Venice, and a PhD in Theory and History of Art (2007) at the School for Advanced Studies Ca’ Foscari/IUAV in Venice. His interests in the XIX and XX centuries range from the contribution of photography in the History of Architecture to the development of Twentieth Century American Performance Art. He is now about to complete a PhD in Byzantine Art History at University of Birmingham at the Centre for Byzantine, Modern Greek and Ottoman studies, where he is conducting research on the artistic production in the city of Mystras at the time of the Despotate of the Palaiologan dynasty.As a scholar he has published on a range of topics, from photography in the History of Architecture, to Twentieth Century American Performance Art in the United States. He has conducted research at the International Centre for Architectural Studies “Andrea Palladio” in Vicenza, at Harvard University, and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has lectured in the Department for Design and the Arts at the Università IUAV of Venice and at University of Birmingham.His curatorial experience has focused on the performing aspects of contemporary visual art. While at MIT, he collaborated with the SENSEable City Laboratory for an exhibition at Kunsthaus in Graz. At the Venice Biennale in 2009, he participated in the realization of an exhibition focused on Futurists’ presence at the Bienniale during the Twentieth century. More recently he has curated the Art on Film section of Italian Cinema London film festival and organised a Conference on the Arts of the Late Byzantine Palaiologan Era.

Claire Mead, Art Historian and Independent Curator

Claire Mead is an art historian and independent curator based in Paris. She has obtained her BA in Art History from Oxford University in 2013 and an MA in Curating the Art Museum from the Courtauld Institute in 2016.  Her recent academic and independent research has focused on queer and feminist art history and contemporary practices, as well as experimental animation.
Claire has recently led the seminar “queering the museum” at Middlesbrough Museum of Modern Art in April 2017 exploring LGBTQ issues relating to inclusion and tokenism within museum curating and collecting. She has delivered papers as part of the “Edge of Frame” symposium on experimental animation at the Whitechapel Gallery in December 2016 as well as the Animation & Memory symposium at Radboud University in June 2017, around contemporary experimental animation related to museum collections. Claire has co-curated the MA Curating exhibition “Confusion of Tongues: Art and the Limits of Language” at the Courtauld Gallery in 2016 and was part of the curatorial team for the 2016 East Wing Biennial “Artificial Realities” at the Courtauld.
She is now working freelance as an independent curator and consultant for emerging artists in Paris, while continuing to write as an art critic, covering modern and contemporary art exhibitions.

Claire Meadows, Chief Editor in After Nyne Magazine

Claire Meadows is Editor in Chief and Founder of After Nyne Magazine, one of the UK’s best-regarded coffee table arts publications. She is a regular commentator on BBC Radio Oxford and writes on arts/social issues for the Huffington Post. Her third poetry collection for Urbane Publications, Leaving Long Shadows is due to be published in Spring 2017.

Benita Ariane Meissner, Curator

Benita Meissner has been working in the field of contemporary art since 2000, after receiving a Master in History of Architecture at the Università IUAV of Venice. After her studies in Italy, upon returning to Berlin, her native town, she started working at Kunst Werke Berlin e.V. as assistant to the managing director. For a long period of time she worked for several commercial galleries in Berlin and in Munich (Galerie Thomas Schulte, Galerie Klüser, Galerie Häusler Contemporary). From 2015 she has been curator and managing director of a non-commercial exhibition space in Munich (Deutsche Gesellschaft für christliche Kunst e.V.). Here she is responsible for the organisation of a tight programm of lectures, concerts and talks along with four to five exhibitions a year in the gallery space. The focus of the exhibition space is on transcendent themes and social questions.

Pedro Henrique de Melo, Curator and Artist Manager

Pedro Henrique de Melo, MAIS is a Brazilian curator and artist manager based in Vienna, Austria. Having obtained his Master´s degree at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna and having worked for commercial galleries in the past, he now focuses his attention on introducing contemporary Brazilian artists to the European audience. Among his curatorial efforts, the exhibitions “Trail of Thought” (Improper Walls Gallery, Vienna, Austria. 5th to 28th  of August 2016) and “Goliath” (frei_raum exhibition space at  MuseumsQuartier, Vienna, Austria. 9th to 28th February 2017) figure among his latest. Since October 2016, Pedro Henrique de Melo also works as Project Manager at the artist representation firm Vera Steinkellner GmbH.

Normurod Negmatov, Independent Curator

Normurod Negmatov is a composer, film and theater director, writer, artist, and independent curator. He received a bachelor’s degree in sculpture at the Tashkent Art Institute and Design named Kamoliddin Begzod in 2014 and a master’s degree in the field of Restoration of Historical Monuments at the Tashkent Art Institute and Design named after Kamoliddin Begzod in 2016. In 2017 he founded his own museum of modern art “Rukhsor” in the city of Samarkand with the project “Life” and the project was dedicated to air life. Dialogue of the personal space of the museum with air emphasizing its attention to the life of intangible material that develops in the mind and this museum is the first private museum of contemporary art in Uzbekistan.
At the moment he is the director of his museum and is a full member of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan.
For six years of his research, he has been doing a lot of projects around the museums and private galleries of Uzbekistan in the goal of developing a cultural merge with the outside world. At the moment, he shoots the animation in his “Voice” poem.
“The process of my work is very simple – it’s all respect for the life of everything and I try to give life all respect that develops me from the meeting with the world. I gather knowledge and observe what knowledge does with me, and knowledge molds from me a sculpture that develops in every breath. “

Marco Piva, Architect and designer

Exciting, fluid, functional, this is the language that distinguishes Marco Piva’s architectural creations, product design and interior design. The effort in material research and technology, the value of differentiation and innovation, leads to an intense design production, that become one of the most representative in the context of the Italian creativity and design. Studio Marco Piva works ranges from Masterplan to Architecture, Interior  and Industrial design.
Marco Piva, a traveller and a designer, is an innovator who is dedicated to create unique design solutions pervaded by stylistic freedom.
In Japan, in Osaka, the Studio has participated in the design and construction of the innovative complex Next 21, in the UAE designed for the hotel and residential complexes of Oceana and Tiara on Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. Studio Marco Piva has also designed the Laguna Palace in Mestre, the Port Palace in Monte Carlo, the Hotel Mirage in Kazan, the Una Hotel in Boulogne , the THotel in Cagliari, the DoubleTree by Hilton in Mogliano Veneto and the multifunctional complex Le Terrazze in Treviso, awarded as one of the best projects dedicated to recovering industrial architecture. Recent projects are the Feng Tai Business Cluster, the Yuhang cultural Center, the Dianshan Lake Master Plan in Shanghai. In Italy has realised  the prestigious Excelsior Hotel Gallia in Milan that won nine architecture and design international prices.
He also designed the Concept Design for Bulgari worldwide windows and the Casa Alitalia lounges for Alitalia. Currently, Studio Marco Piva is engaged in the development of hotel complexes and prestigious private houses in China, United States, India, Montecarlo, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Algeria and Albania, and in the creation of design furniture and complements  for the main companies in this field.

Massimo Scaringella, Curator

Massimo Scaringella is a contemporary art independent curator and cultural events organizer. For over thirty years of activity in Italy and abroad he has presented numerous Italian and foreign artists, many of them belonging to new generations and today highly valued in the international field. Born in Rome on 1953, he lives in Rome and Buenos Aires. He is Director and founder of ‘ars maxjer contemporanea – vanguardist cultural projects’ and since 2013 Artistic Director of the Tres Pinos Foundation. He has been in direct contact with the local reality of diverse cultures and contemporary world, thus creating an exchange bridge between Italian art and the rest of the world, particularly in Argentina, where he has been Artistic Director of the 4th edition of The End of the World Biennial (Bienal del Fin del Mundo) 2014/2015.
He curated or collaborated with more than 250 contemporary art exhibitions in 40 countries: Italy; Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, USA; France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Belgium, United Kingdom, Sweden, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Russia, Portugal; China, Japan, Kazakistan, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, India, Turkey, Lebanon, Persian Gulf; Egiypt, Morocco, Ethiopia, Libya, Kenya, Mozambique, Angola, Zimbabwe and Australia. He also wrote numerous critical texts and articles in the specialised press (Il Tempo dell’Arte, Artribune).
Among his recent art exhibitions stand out “The tip of the iceberg – Francis Bacon’s drawings” (Argentina, Chile, Portugal and Taiwan 2010-2011), “The wonders’ garden – Joan Miro’s graphic works” (Argentina – itinerant 2013), “Words, images and other texts – Homage to visual poetry and 50 years of Fluxus” (Argentina 2012), “Italian cinetic art 50′-70′ ” (Argentina, Chile, Peru and Brazil 2013-2016) y and the personals exhibitions of Omar Galliani (Argentina, Uruguay and Chile 2010-2012) and Massimo Listri (Argentina and Chile 2012-2013). As well, those collective exhibits that made Italian art known in the world: “The essence’s project” (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Serbia, Romania 1997-1998), “Italian art 50′-70′ – The Farnesina Collection” (India, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Bosnia, Serbia 2008), “Thought forms” (Indonesia, Sweden 2002), “The energy of matter” (China 2008),  “The sign of color: Burri & Afro” (Peru 2016). On the other hand, he has undertaken an intense promotion activity in Italy of Argentina’s new creativity, with initiatives such as the collective exhibitions “Focus Buenos Aires” (MIART, Milan 2008), “Art Abroad” (Turin 2012), “Global Exchange” (MACRO, Roma 2014) and the collective Mondongo (MAXXI, Rome 2016), along with the Italian Consulate-General in Buenos Aires’ Lucio Fontana Prize (2012/2016).

Petr Stefek, Design Director

Petr is a Design Director at Living Green City in London as well as a Freelance Architect providing consultancy on various scale projects.
He has recently designed unique Fisher Street OSD residential development within HOK architects team. The proposal attracts attention through its contemporary approach, where sculpturally expressed volume, inspired by Prague architectural cubism, responds to the context of highly popular Kingsway conservation area in London. Project was already presented at MIPIM Cannes and was granted full planning permission.
Moved to London directly after his graduation where he worked for Norman Foster and Chris Wilkinson on various architectural proposals across the planet. Main highlights are New Holland Concert Hall in Russia (F+P), Queen Alia Airport in Jordan (F+P), Shanghai Bund Embankment (WE) and EXPO Shanghai revitalisation project (WE) both in China.
Graduation project “Transportation Terminal Hradec Kralove” was highlighted by most of the national TV and Radio headline news, awarded by Czech Chamber of Architects. Studied at prof. Farshid Moussavi in Austria and at prof. Jiri Suchomel in Czech Republic. During his studies experienced architectural practices in Switzerland, Austria as well as Czech Republic. Born in former Czechoslovakia (1980).

Marine Tanguy, Director of MTArt

An advocate for artists since a young age, Marine managed her first gallery at age 21, opened her first art gallery in Los Angeles at age 23 and finally created her current business, MTArt, to promote the artists she believed in across the globe. MTArt is the first artist agency promoting influential visual artists and specialising in talent management: building, growing and accelerating their careers.
Marine is a thought leader, writer and frequent speaker on contemporary art. She is a member of the Creative Industries Federation, the Association of Women Art Dealers and a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Marine was listed on the Future of Women and is the London art ambassador of Oh So Arty.

Beth Troakes, Freelance curator and Gallery director

Beth Troakes is freelance curator and gallery director based in Brighton, UK. She has curated exhibitions nationally and internationally and has worked with partners in both Italy and China.
Academically she specialises in performance art and works that traditionally lie outside of the market. Her main interests include the documentation and archiving of performance art and how contemporary curators can work to cross geographic boundaries.
After graduating from a Masters in Art History, she started ongoing project ‘Lock In’, a live exploration into the social, psychological and physical boundaries of the body. The project was set up to provide a platform for artists working in durational performance to open up a critical debate with their live and non-live audiences. Now with a permanent home, Gallery Lock In, the project also hosts socially engaged visual art exhibitions and has been set up to enable artists to launch their first solo exhibitions.
She has also worked with many award-winning international theatre companies and performers as a producer and strives to support artists and musicians who are unsigned and unrepresented.

Gianfranco Valleriani, Journalist and video maker

Gianfranco Valleriani, journalist and video maker, has founded and managed Calamo Comunicazione, a consulting company in communication for 20 years. He has been the director of associations operating in the cultural sector: “The Big Blue”, engaged in promoting emerging filmmakers, and “The”, operating in the area of the design.
He was also the director of many magazines and periodicals specialized in communication and audiovisual topics, among them “Filmakers Magazine”, which attended many international festivals in Europe. He has been teaching visual communication in Institutes and hold lectures at international Universities and Institutions, included Tate Modern in London (“Art transforming the social” – 2015).
He founded the blog, a collective project on “Art and Communication”, which he is still managing. He is actually cooperating with the Chinese Foundation “Hafnia Foundation”, which produced the video project “After Nothing, Something about the Colors and the Life of Stevens Vaughn” a video documentary which experiments new forms of visual narrative. The docu-film is going to be presented at the main international festivals in experimental movies and documentaries. “Extended Blue” is an art&communication project managed together with the Italian artist Mariano Filippetta, whose video installation is scheduled for the next December at the contemporary art Museum in Rome, MACRO.

Emma Wilson, Curator and Art Historian

Emma is fascinated with the psychological relationship we have with artwork. She completed her B.A Art History at the University of Nottingham and her research continued into an M.A History of art at the University of York.
She has given talks on her research at Oxford University, UK Houses of Parliament and the University of Nottingham and has has some work published online journals. During her research she has undertaken practical research into audience interaction with art and artefacts in National Museums, Galleries and Historical Sites across europe.
She currently is the Curator for Athena. Here her aim is to make great artwork available for appreciation within people’s own homes through high quality digital art prints.

Victoria Wolcough, Art Consultant

Born in Moscow of American Foreign Correspondent and Russian ballet dancer.  Educated in Russia , UK and USA. Retired from Christies as Director of Business Development. Ambassador in U.K. For TEFAF for three years. Currently working as art consultant with international museum and art collectors.

Mariery Young, Artist and Curator

Mariery Young is an artist and cultural manager with a background in architecture.
Cultural manager in the Panama art scene she has been in charge to curate Red bull’s ‘Canvas Cooler’ art project. Also was part of team organizing Artblock. music and art festival in Casco Viejo. Her curated projects focus on working with artist from different disciplines.
As the art director for the Tantalo Hotel, located in the historic district of Panama, curated large scale statement artworks in their commercial spaces plus their Art-Room projects. Every room is completely designed by a local artist showcasing their aesthetic to create a 12 distinct experience for their guest.
She founded Mezclao Studio a design studio that focuses on cultural and commercial projects for brands, entrepreneurs and local business. Creating digital and print projects that showcase illustration and surface pattern.