IETV UK -Italian E Television UK-, 21 January 2019
Il TELEGIORNALE settimanale di IETV sul mondo italiano in UK Edizione della settimana del 21 GENNAIO 2019:

Eddie Hewitt, 20 January 2019
Part 3: Returning Favourites
It was a great pleasure to encounter three of my all time favourite Art Rooms exhibitors again at the 2019 event. Links to my reviews on their displays in previous years can be found below, along with links to all the artists featured here. … Read More

Eddie Hewitt, 19 January 2019
Part 2: Hard to leave out…
Due to the exceptionally high standard of art on display at the event, Connected Cultures is including in this section more of the artists from the exhibition. Here, I present those who stood out and deserve special mention, but didn’t quite make the final ten for 2019. I will keep an eye out for your work at future events. … Read More

Eddie Hewitt, 19 January 2019
Art Rooms promised to be extra special for me this year. Having reviewed the exhibitions in the last three years, I was kindly invited by event director Cristina Cellini Antonini to be part of the selection panel for 2019. This was a tremendous honour and one which I accepted in a nano second… Read More, 13 January 2019
Jason Jackson Fine Arts Photographer of Leonidesarts Gallery New York to Exhibit at Arts Rooms London 2019 5th Edition. New York, NY, January 13, 2019 –(– Fine Arts Photographer Jason Jackson of Leonidesarts Gallery New York has been selected to participate in the prestigious Artrooms Fair London 2019 5th Edition.. Read More

Contemporary LYNX, 13 January 2019
Dellfina has been selected from international submissions to exhibit at the 5th London edition of the prestigious Artrooms Fairs, and will show her project “Power Games” to the Artrooms Fair London and join the Rooms Section… Read More

Ouest France, 11 January 2019
Elle met en lumière des travailleurs de l’ombre
Diplomes en poche, Cecile Bredeaoux, artiste photographe, ne menage pas ses efforts pour embrasser le metier. Elle franchit, etape par etape, les difficultes… Read More

Urban Mirrors, 6 January 2019
Artrooms London, the contemporary art fair for independent artists
The London art season opens with the Artrooms Fair!
After the success in Rome and Seoul, the 5th edition of the Artrooms Fair London opens its doors from 11th to 13th January 2019 at the Meliá White House in Regent’s Park…. Read More

ArtMap, December 2018
London, Rome and Seoul, talents from all over the world are getting to town
After the success in Rome and in Seoul, the Fair is ready to open the doors of the 5th Edition of the Artrooms Fair London, set at the Meliá White House, in Regent’s Park from the 11th to the 13th January 2019. Globally renewed as the First Contemporary Art Fair offering artists free exhibition spaces…. Read More

PARTNERSHIP, Winter 2018
Artrooms Fair 2019
In a world that offers every individual with an internet connection a platform to showcase their talent, it has become difficult ti discern between what makes an artist a solid investment… Read More

Art Style, December 2018
Artrooms Fair 2019
Dopo il successo dell’edizione Horeana, Artrooms Fair si prepara al 2019 con due appuntamenti a Londra e a Roma. Nata a Londra 5 anni fa dall’intuito di tre imprenditori italian – CRistina Cellini Antonini, Francesco Fanelli e Chiara Canal – la fiera e’ l’unica al mondo… Read More

ACS Magazine, November/December 2018
Artrooms Fair 2019
There are times in one’s career where the hard-work and commitment you have shoveled out is surprisingly rewarded and mark special events. I had recently had the pleasure  and blessing to experience another milestone in my novelist art career when i recently was chosen for the Selection Committee of Artrooms Fair London 2019… Read More

Eddie Hewitt, 28 January 2018
Artrooms 218
January at the Meliá White House Hotel. Is it really a year since the last Art Rooms in London? And could the 2018 exhibition live up to the exceptionally high standards set in previous years? Yes and yes… Read More

Taiwanese News, 22 January 2018
Taiwanese artist features in 2018 Artrooms Fair London
Taiwanese artist Jerome Chia-Horng Lin (林佳鴻) overcame thousand of applicants to display his artworks at 2018 Artrooms Fair London, reported by CNA. Read More

Londonist, 13 January 2018
Things To Do This Week in London: 15-21 January 2018
Now in its fourth year, Artrooms sees the rooms of a hotel filled with the work of independent artists from all over the world. Melia White House Hotel, £15, book ahead, noon-7pm, 20-22 January. Read More

ArtStyle Magazine, 22 December 2017
Winter/Spring 218
Page 118 Read More

Hysteria, 21 December 2017
London Artrooms Fair / Meliá White House
In occasion of London Artrooms Fair selected artists from all over the world are invited to exhibit for free at the Meliá White House.This place is located in Albany St., not far from Regent’s Park, The British Library and Camden Town. Hysteria will be there, so join us!… Read More

ArtRabbit, 12 December 2017
Artrooms is the first international contemporary art fair offering free exhibition space to independent artists. The fair is redefining the art world by innovating the way artists, buyers and collectors meet.
Artrooms London returns to London for the fourth year in January 2018. Artrooms London Art Fair is set to run from the 20th – 22nd January 2018 at the Melia White House, for the fourth consecutive year…  Read More

London Live, December 2017
Interview: Jody Craddock and Director and Founder Cristina Cellini Antonini
Watch Video

Evening Standard, 21 November 2017
Top of the League former football star wins spot at leading art fair
Former premier League footballer Jody Craddock has stopped a poll of artists competing to exhibit works at a leading art fair. The Ex-Wolves defender…  Read More

Metro Active, 8 November 2017
Gilroy Artist Lands Show in London
Katherine Filice never expected doodles would pave the way for her first ever art show in London. In fact, when she first started putting ink to paper, she wouldn’t have thought to show her work to anyone, let alone an entire art fair half a world away…  Read More

Project Art- The Social Arts Market, 15 September 2017
Project Art / ARTROOMS 2018
We are excited to announce that we are once again partnering with ARTROOMS, London’s largest art fair for independent artists. Project Art is an official sponsor of the 2018 event, 20-22 of January at the Meliá White House in London…  Read More

Express & Star, 10 August 2017
Former Wolves star Jody Craddock aims for art world’s Premier League
Now Jody Craddock is asking fans for their backing in his post-football career as a professional artist.The Wolves favourite has taken to social media for help in getting his work exhibited at an exclusive arts fair…  Read More

WonderStreet, 1 April 2017
WonderStreet Interview with Cristina Cellini Antonini, founder of ARTROOMS
From January 20 to January 23, the rooms of the Meliá White House hotel in the charming Regent’s Park area of London will be transformed into an exhibition space featuring the work of 70 different artists from all around the world. The show is called ARTROOMS…  Read More

Wall Street International, 20 January 2017
Artrooms 2017
Attracting leading galleries, collectors, curators, critics and art dealers, Artrooms is the premier show for independent artists looking to enter the London Art Market. In a successful partnership with the Meliá White House, a deluxe high-end hotel in Regent’s Park, Artrooms offers an innovative platform to support and to nurture the artists career…Read More

FAD cool art and stuff, 17 January 2017
ArtRooms Launches its Third Edition During the Second Most Important Art Week in London of the Year
ARTROOMS announced the artist list for its 2017 Edition at the Meliá White House Hotel, in Regent’s Park, comprising 70 selected Artists plus 20 Guest Artists from 35 countries across Europe, Canada, USA, South America, Far East and Israel.Read More

D Repubblica, 16 January 2017
Artrooms 2017: uno sguardo femminile sull’appuntamento londinese con l’arte indipendente
C’è il volo metaforico ‘Black Birds’, murales realizzato da Maya Gelfman, nella top10 artisti in Israele, la coloratissima installazione della brasiliana Mariana Sampaio (vincitrice dell’ArtRooms Public Vote Contest), e la caustica riflessione Read More

Art Style Magazine, Winter 2016
See pag. 118-119  Read More

Artlyst, 12 September 2016
Artrooms 2017
“One room at no cost to the artist.” The only international contemporary art fair in the UK free of charge for independent artists, ARTROOMS will return for its third year at London’s annual art calendar during the 20– 23 of January…  Read More

Ultra Vie, 15 February 2016
ARTROOMS 2016 – UK largest fair of independent artists.
Featuring 80 independent artists from 33 countries, ARTROOMS 2016 is a unique event that enables emerging artists to exhibit within a grand space, and provides them the perfect spotlight to present their works in central London…  Read More

Art Attak, 15 February 2016
‘I am just fascinated by what makes humans behave’ – ArtAttack meets Teresa Wells
Teresa Wells is a prolific award-winning sculptor, who also uses drawing in her installation work. Inspired by a moral upbringing, she possesses a fascination for the question, ‘How do humans behave?’…  Read More

Il Resto del Carlino, 13 February 2016
Alice Padovani vola a Londra, per lei una stanza di Artrooms 2016
Ottanta artisti provenienti da 33 stati sparsi nel mondo, a ciascuno di loro la chiave di una stanza e la libertà di arredarla a piacere…  Read More

Lazagne Magazine, 9 February 2016
ArtRooms 2016
For the second year running, ARTROOMS took the Meliá White House a four-star Hotel who is next to Regent’s Park, during London Art Fair weekend. A fantastic idea. Transforming the hospitality of a hotel, in a art gallery for artists and their art. The exhibition will showcase artists chosen by a cast of professionals, including artist Cedric Christie…  Read More

Nicolo Gallio Ph.D., 8 February 2016
The Intimacy of Artrooms Independent Art Fair
You feel a little bit shy, or rather, indiscrete, when you are standing on the doorway to one of the rooms at the Melia White House Hotel in Regent’s Park set up for ARTROOMS 2016. …  Read More

Connected Cultures by Eddie Hewitt, 6 February 2016
Art Rooms 2016 On 22nd January, 2016, ArtAttack attended the Art Rooms The Meliá White House Hotel, Regent’s Park, provided a fine setting for a wonderful exhibition of contemporary art at the end of January. Eighty artists from across the world exhibited their work in corridors allocated to international regions including the UK, Europe, America and Asia. …  Read More

Art Attak, 4 February 2016
‘I think art has the power to transform the way that you look at the world’ – ArtAttack interviews Australian sculptor, Rosalind Lemoh
On 22nd January, 2016, ArtAttack attended the Art Rooms London press preview at the Meliá White House. The event showcased a number of carefully selected emerging artists from all over the world in a unique hotel setting –…  Read More

Jackson’s Magazine, 3 February 2016
Liesha Yaz at Artrooms 2016
Liesha Yaz was selected to exhibit her paintings in one of the rooms at Artrooms 2016, an international art fair of 80 independent artists from 33 countries…  Read More, 1 February 2016
Hello, Room Service? Can we have some Art Please?”
There are not many Art events that would welcome its patrons via a Staircase that looks like a deconstructed spaceship, with walls adorned with foil and unravelled video tape hanging, tendril like, from the ceiling, but Artrooms….  Read More

Il, 28 January 2016
Un “video mapping” realizzato da un padovano
Un “video mapping” realizzato da un padovano è una delle performance più apprezzate in questi giorni alla Fiera d’Arte Contemporanea di Londra Artrooms 2016. “Indelible marks”, diretto da Diego Loreggian, è stata…  Read More

D Repubblica, 26 January 2016
Artrooms2016. A Londra per scoprire artisti indipendenti
Non solo London Art Fair. Accanto, o meglio “oltre” l’appuntamento annuale che riunisce il mondo dell’arte internazionale nella capitale britannica, c’è un “evento satellite” da tenere d’occhio. Si chiama ARTROOMS 2016, ed è una fiera d’arte dedicata ad artisti indipendenti…  Read More

Il Giornale OFF, 26 January 2016
Gli “Invisibile segni” di Michele Tombolini
Tra i capannoni dismessi dell’ex polo industriale nella zona di Banchina Molini, a Marghera, c’è un artista che insegue un sogno, una missione: espandere i limiti della percezione oltre la tridimensionalità…  Read More

Ian The Architect, 26 January 2016
A hotel for artists – ARTROOMS 16 at The Melia White House in London
Just imagine checking into a luxurious art deco hotel and entering your bedroom to find grass on the floor, old medicine bottles on the bed, a women hanging on the wall of the bathroom or strange men in the bed and under it, and paintings covering every surface of the bedroom (including the bed)…  Read More

Ukrainian Events in London, 25 January 2016
Ukrainian sculptor Egor Zigura at International Contemporary Art Fair ARTROOMS 2016
WHEN 22-25 January 2016 WHERE Meliá White House, Albany St, Regent’s Park, London, NW1 3UP Admission: £7-27, book your tickets here Ukrainian sculptor Egor Zigura (Kyiv) with his project “Aftertoday” participates…   Read More

La Nuova di Venezia e Mestre, 25 January 2016
L’arte del veneziano Michele Tombolini sbarca a Londra
L’artista veneziano Michele Tombolini alla conquista della scena indipendente di Londra, dove è ospite di ArtRooms 2016: il prestigioso appuntamento dedicato all’arte contemporanea indipendente…   Read More

Ikon London Magazine, 24 January 2016
ARTROOMS 2016 Private View
ARTROOMS 2016 private view took place in the luxurious White Meliå Hotel in central London. The hotel and organisers created unique space for buyers and art lovers to access over 700 artworks…   Read More

Il Mattino di Padova, 24 January 2016
Murales a Londra per Tombolini
Il veneziano Michele Tombolini, dopo “Butterfly”, il murales contro la violenza sui minori a Berlino, è stato invitato come special guest a Londra per ArtRooms 2016. La curatrice Cecilia Cellini…   Read More

Hey Event, 23 January 2016
#ArtRooms2016 & #MTArt Conference
#ArtRooms2016 & #MTArt Conference – Art Rooms 2016, London’s Premiere Event for Independent Artists.‘I do not want art for a few anymore than education for a few, or freedom for a few’. William Morris …   Read More

Ukrainian Events in London, 23 January 2016
Ukrainian sculptor Egor Zigura at International Contemporary Art Fair ARTROOMS 2016, 22-25 Jan 2016
Ukrainian sculptor Egor Zigura (Kyiv) with his project “Aftertoday” participates in the International Contemporary Art Fair ARTROOMS 2016 (…   Read More, 23 January 2016
ARTROOMS 2016 contemporary art fair at the Meliá White House hotel – Saturday 23rd January 2016
ARTROOMS 2016 at the Meliá White House hotel. ARTROOMS launched in 2015 and was founded by Cristina Cellini Antonini & Francesco Fanelli. ARTROOMS is a new and innovative concept of art exhibition that offers independent and up-and-coming artists the rare opportunity to exhibit their artworks…   Read More

Condé Nast Live, 22 January 2016
Un’opera italiana alla London Art Fair
L’artista veneziano Michele Tombolini e l’Art director Diego Loreggian, Special Guests all’evento esclusivo di Londra ARTROOMS 2016, tra gli appuntamenti espositivi d’arte contemporanea più importanti del Regno Unito…  Read More

The Telegraph, 21 January 2016
What’s on this weekend in the UK: January 21-23
8. Visit a hotel with an artistic spin.
The Art Rooms initiative gives around 80 independent artists a room to make their own at a central London hotel….  Read More

The Slovenia Times, 21 January 2016
Young Slovenians at London’s Largest Art Fair for Independent Artists
On 23 – 24 January 2016, #ArtRooms2016 & #MTArt Conference, at Melia White House in London, will initiate a series of panel discussions to embrace the visions of the current generation of artists and how they should be supported…  Read More

Il Popolo Veneto, 21 January 2016
L’artista veneziano Michele Tombolini a Londra, special guest ad ArtRooms2016
L’artista veneziano Michele Tombolini e l’Art director Diego Loreggian, Special Guests L’artista, dopo il murales contro la violenza a Berlino, “Butterfly”, sarà ospite speciale a Londra della fiera d’Arte contemporanea dal 22 al 25 gennaio 2016…  Read More

D Repubblica, 20 January 2016
Artrooms2016. A Londra per scoprire artisti indipendenti
Non solo London Art Fair. Accanto, o meglio “oltre” l’appuntamento annuale che riunisce il mondo dell’arte internazionale nella capitale britannica, c’è un “evento satellite” da tenere d’occhio. Si chiama ARTROOMS 2016, ed è una fiera d’arte dedicata…  Read More

London One Radio, 15 January 2016
EVENTO ART ROOM 2016 la fiera piu grande in UK indipendente : perche’ L’ARTE e’ importante
EVENTO ART ROOM 2016 la fiera piu grande in UK indipendente : perche’ L’ARTE e’ importante 73 artisti da 33 paesi da tutto il mondo un ‘evento straordinario e importante per l’arte moderna…  Read More

FED Magazine, 15 January 2016
Over 80 Independent Artists From 33 Countries To Be Showcased at the Art Fair ArtRooms in Regent’s Park
For the second year running, ARTROOMS will take over 70 Rooms at Meliá White House, a top four-star hotel next to Regent’s Park, coinciding with the London Art Fair weekend (23-25 January). The exhibition will showcase artists chosen by a cast of industry professionals, including artist Cedric Christie…  Read More

ArtLyst, 14 January 2016
London Art Fair Week Satellite Events Include ArtRooms Emerging Art Fair
It’s fantastic to see that a few new collateral events have launched during London Art Fair Week. This year the cold winter will be thawed by the ArtRooms Art Fair and Condo both well worth a look in…  Read More

Brit Es Magazine, 13 January 2016
ArtRooms2016, una feria independiente a pie de hotel
Este mes se celebra en Londres ArtRooms2016, la segunda edición de esta feria de arte independiente que pone a disposición de los visitantes la obra de 80 artistas que expondrán sus trabajos en las habitaciones del céntrico y lujoso hotel Meliá White House…  Read More

The Palette Pages, 9 January 2016
Artrooms Melia White House
ARTROOMS 2016, the largest fair in the UK featuring over 80 independent artists from 33 Countries. During the last few months the organisers of ARTROOMS have issued a casting call to a diverse selection of artists from across the globe…  Read More

The Local Art Scene, 9 January 2016
ARTROOMS aims to create the largest exhibition of independent artists in London.ARTROOMS takes over 70 bedrooms at Meliá White House, a top four-star deluxe hotel next to Regent’s Park, for four days during London Arts Fair…  Read More

The Wall Street International Magazine Art, 25 December 2015
Artrooms 2016 22 — 25 Jan 2016 at the Meliá White House Hotel in London, United Kingdom
The organisers of Artrooms have issued a casting call to artists to join what they hope will be the largest event for independent artists in London from 22-25 January 2015. To ensure that they attracted…  Read More

Brit Es Magazine, 7 December 2015
ArtExhibitions -The deadline to apply to ARTROOMS 2016 is extended to December 15th
NARTROOMS Contemporary Art Fair is an innovative concept of art exhibition, which embraces talented and emerging artists offering to all of them the opportunity to exhibit their artworks in an intimate dimension, shortening the distance between artists…  Read More