Panel & Installation

at The Exhibitionist Hotel
Collecting Contemporary Art : panel

As part of the Artrooms Satellite Programme, The Exhibitionist Hotel will host a panel with Artrooms Directors & Founders Cristina Cellini Antonini and Francesco Fanelli, members of the Artrooms jury and exhibiting conceptual artist Renaud Patard to discuss art collecting and how the art market has adapted to the emergence of social media and whether it impacts on art collecting. We will also ask how, in their view, Brexit will impact on the art market in Britain and Europe.

Vestalia Chilton, The Exhibitionist Hotel curator, will moderate the talk and invite guests to offer questions to the panel.

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Monuments, an installation by Renaud Patard

The Exhibitionist Hotel will also host a special installation by conceptual artist Renaud Patard titled ‘Monuments’ as part of Artrooms Satellite Programme. The installation encompasses fine drawings of international monuments taken by satellites that include mosques, churches and synagogues. The perspective of looking down on such buildings challenges our own relationship with monumental structures that are often built to be emposing.

Renaud Patard

Renaud Patard is a visual artist whose artistic discipline includes architectural sculptures, installations and drawings. Through his art forms, Renaus challenges the nature of authority with the use of symbols to illustrate the ambiguity between denial and acceptance. Renaud is based in Paris and graduated from Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Art(s) de Paries-Cergy. He worked under Sam Van Aken and Robert Wysocki’s at Syracuse University, New York.

About The Exhibitionist Hotel

Set within a beautifully restored 18th century townhouse that was originally built for officials of the Royal Family, The Exhibitionist Hotel has a specialist curatorial programme of art corridors and the main lobby which act as a blank canvas for visual artists to experiment and showcase their work. This runs along side themed panel discussions and talks organised by resident curator Vestalia Chilton of Attollo Art.

The Collecting Contemporary Art panel and Monuments installation is part of Artrooms Satellite Programme and will be hosted on Sunday, 21st January at
Meet the Partners and Sponsors of the 2018 edition of Artrooms, the first international contemporary art fair for independent artists
8-10 Queensberry Pl, Kensington, London SW7 2EA