Keith Newlove has been invited to take part in Artrooms Fair London 2019 as a Guest Artist. Keith was part of Flux Exhibition 2018, together with more than 70 other artists, and has been awarded a room at Artrooms Fair with his work ``The Thinker`` made with 3D Pen (P.I.A.) and Perspex.

Keith Newlove was born and raised in Hartlepool in the North East of England where he completed his foundation in Art and Design. He later relocated to Derby in the midlands where he attained his BA in Fine Art at the University of Derby and City & Guilds Machine Embroidery at South Nottingham College.
Since graduating in 2013 he has exhibited extensively around the UK along with producing the #Artmonkey #Freerange project – using gallery quality ceramic sculpture as street art for members of the public to find and keep.
His work is predominantly figurative and semi biographical – utilising his life experience along with news stories and current affairs to inspire his work.

“My work is mostly concerned with using line and form to produce work that investigates the human condition. As one of a rising number of people struggling with anxiety and depression, I use my work in part as a kind of self-help therapy. The intention is to manifest my own struggle into images and objects that help to increase understanding of these conditions.
I currently work mostly with 3D Pen technology. This is an exciting technique which allows for the use of line to produce 3D objects instantly. Due to the use of a meandering, obsessive line the pieces have a lace-like ephemeral nature which creates a sometimes unsettling and haunting narrative.
Drawing is also an important aspect of my practice. Not only is it a fundamental part of visual art as a whole, it is also an invaluable tool for planning work and developing a greater aesthetic understanding of the chosen subject.
Collaboration plays an important role also – as seen in the Life & Death exhibition produced with David Booth MRBS. I am currently working with a very talented couturier (Simon Henry Couture) to turn my work into digital embroidery – bringing my work full circle.”

Keith Newlove