“Aura – a Holographic Brainwave Interface” by MDH Hologram


Following last year very successful performance, the Artrooms Fair London is delighted to announce a new collaboration with MDH Hologram, the global market leader in holographic projection whose clients include Dior, Aston Martin, IWC Schaffhausen and Jennifer Lopez just to name a few.

Aura, a work by Analema Group, a London based art collective – lead by Oliver Gingrich, Evgenia Emets and Dr. Alain Renaud – focusing on the intersection between art and science. Will be part of the Interactive Project Section of the Artrooms Fair London.Aura presents an introspective brainwave interface as holographic projection inviting the audience to reconnect with their spiritual self, with their inner life through electroencephalographic (EEG) brainwave measurements.
EEG data provides information on brainwave data which are translated and visualized into an abstract shape. Using MDH’s EyeMagic, the projection technique suggests the dual nature of presence as spirit and as a physical condition.

Perceived as antipodal, contradictory phenomena, the relationship between technology, and the world of the spiritual is complex and multilayered. The idea of the presence is evoked through a real-time representation of brainwaves as a free floating light-sculpture – a mirror into the participants inner state of mind. Aura aims to investigate what it is to perceive someone’s presence, creating a subliminal visual echo of cognitive states channeled through real time interaction. The piece poses questions on the permeability and invasiveness of technology, as much as providing a tool for introspection, for self-observation and for engagement with one’s inner landscape.

MDH EyeMagic is the first holographic projection pod that withstands all ambient lighting, resulting in a unique optical illusion. Pioneered for Ralph Lauren’s flagship store on 5th Avenue, MDH’s EyeMagic has now been seen at London Fashion Week, at the Serpentine Gallery, Frieze Art Week and at last year’s Artrooms Fair London. The EyeMagic creates the ultimate optical illusion, with hitherto unseen impact. The audience is left to be visually amazed and here – invited to interact.

Building Bridges & Points of Interest

Curated by Artrois, a visual arts group whose representatives are two 16-year-old art students from Malta: Francesca Grillo and Veronika Mercieca

Building Bridges

‘Building Bridges’ is a project that aims to bridge the gap between the artist and the audience by using the bridge itself as a symbol of unity and diversity. The concept of the project is based on the principle of social inclusion, connecting different people through the common trait of identity. Investigating cultural identities is not easy, as our diction doesn’t allow us to express such an abstract concept. However visual art offers a way to express these complex ideas.
The artists created an artwork which encompasses a bridge in their respective surrounding neighbourhood. Thus, by looking at the works of the artists, the viewer is allowed a glimpse into the setting of the artists. Every artist is unique not only in the respect of cultural ethnicity, however even through the different medium, colour and tones used. The artists remained faithful to their respective styles and mediums and accentuated the bridge using their unique dexterities.
The bridge does not only show the aesthetic of the simple bridge in their hometown, it represents their background and helps to overcome the misapprehension that inclusion is a privilege rather than a right.
All artists were given the opportunity to let their culture seep through into their works and not only show it, but promote it. Borders are many a times seen as a partition between one culture and another, however when a bridge is built, the border loses its purpose and integration is espoused.

Points of Interest

‘Points of interest’ is an interactive installation that allows the artists and audience to share their favourite art hot spots with each other.

This is your unique opportunity to discover and get acquainted with some new interesting places.

Time to put your geography skills to the test!

  • Simply grab a paper and pen from the nearby table
  • Think of your favourite art hotspot
  • Pin your hotspot in the general area where it is located
  • Write the exact address on the paper that is attached to the string and pin and pin the other side to the closest board surrounding the map
  • Have a look at the other hotspots and enjoy the exhibition!

If you would like to check out the artists favourite hotspots, have a look at the coloured papers!