Guest Artists

Meet Gabriela Herma, guest artist for Artrooms Fair London 2018. Artrooms, the first international contemporary art fair for independent artists.
Gabriela Herma

Gabriela Herma is a Polish Fine Art Photographer, based in London and represented by Le Dame Art Gallery. Her work is inspired by her surroundings and led by her initial emotional response. Each photograph conceals a deeper meaning and emotion that the artist invites her viewers to explore. Encouraging us to see beyond what can be seen. Herma’s photographs are finely printed onto metal and later supervened with resin and mixed materials such as Swarovski, broken mirrors and sparkle dust. Her photographs freeze moments of emotion which are brought to life by the process of layering them with resin and reflective elements, emphasizing the reality and tangibility of natural details and injecting a vitality that invites the spectator to step into the scene and experience first hand the moment Herma captured. One of Herma’s most significant works is Giulia, 2015. Guilia is the depiction of a red dragonfly that Herma had the pleasure of encountering in Marbella, Spain, in August 2015. The dragonfly almost flirted with Gabriela’s artistic senses as if she was silently but purposefully requesting to be captured her by her camera. The dragonfly is a symbol of transformation that encourages us to seek self-realisation and uncover the deeper meaning of life. Guilia is a representation of Herma’s own internal growth and ability to see beyond the surface meaning of her subjects, a redline through her work.

Meet Giacomo Braglia, guest artist for Artrooms Fair London 2018. Artrooms, the first international contemporary art fair for independent artists.
Giacomo Braglia

Giacomo‘Jack’ Braglia, born in Lugano in 1996, is a dynamic young photographer who opens fresh perspectives into the daily lives of the people of Africa and in particular in Ethiopia. His work captures the true essence of these communities and how they interact with their environments, creating powerful emotional reactions by transmitting the vibrant energies of rural African life.
Jack has been fascinated with photography from a young age and has been documenting the world around him ever since. His attraction and intrigue with the medium has propelled him to continually seek new and stimulating subject matter surrounding people, in order to convey his thoughts and expressions. The way in which Jack uses the camera lens provides the viewer with the opportunity to discern new visual content and digest these strong narratives, revealed in the minute details and aesthetic properties found in each composition. Through this photograph presentation he opens a conversation between the viewers and the people of Ethiopia, showing them as they really are, not as they are often misperceived by hackneyed views towards Africa.