Questions regarding participation

Can I submit more than one application in the same edition?

Yes, you may apply for the Rooms Section (£20) and Single Work Application (£50) in the same edition.

Can we submit one application as a collective of artists?

Yes, collectives of artists are welcome to submit applications for Artrooms Fairs as well. Just make sure you include the details of one single person in the registeration, and both names/name of the collective in the “Public Name” field. You should explain this in the “Project field”.

I don’t have an extensive list of previous exhibitions, awards, publications, collections. Does this mean I cannot apply?

No – Artrooms encourages all artists to apply, including emerging artists.

If selected, do I have to exhibit the pieces I submitted in my application?

No, you don’t have to. However, you should still exhibit works that reflect the same kind of practice/medium shown in your application.

Will the Selection Committee access my website/portfolio to see more of my work?

No, the Selection Committee will only access what is written and presented in your application (images and text), so make sure you chose your best work and present yourself and your work in a clear way.

I don’t live in the UK, can I still apply?

Yes, Artrooms Fairs are international events welcoming artists from all over the world.

I want to apply for the Rooms Section but I will not be able to attend the fair. Can my assistant/friend/family member attend in my place?

No – Artists applying for the Rooms Section must be present at the fair and must not be replaced by anyone else.

If selected, will Artrooms charge me for any other costs apart from the application fee?

No, Artrooms will not charge the artists for any other costs apart from the application fee. However, any transportation, accommodation or shipment costs the artist may have must be covered by the artist.

Can artists sleep in the room they exhibit in?

No, at Meliã White House in London artists are not allowed to sleep in the rooms they exhibit in.

I cannot use PayPal in my country. How can I pay for my application?

In these cases, payments can be done through bank transfer. You just need to e-mail and request the details.

If selected, I will require a VISA to travel to London and exhibit my works. Will Artrooms provide an invitation letter?

Yes, Artrooms can provide an invitation letter and artists are welcome to attach it to their VISA applications.

Questions regarding website
and application

I am a Video artist – what images should I include in my application?

We suggest that video artists upload stills of their videos where images are requested. Then, they must also add links to their videos in the first page of their application, under the “CV – Videos” field. Video Artists must not forget to tick Video Art as their application category.

I have registered and paid the fee, how can I complete my application?

You just need to login using the username and password you registered with through the link You should then be automatically redirected to the application form; if not, click on “Subscribe to Contest”, where you’ll be able to see the form.

I have filled the first page of my application with my profile image, project, biography and CV, but when I press “Next”, the page goes blank. What am I doing wrong?

Make sure the image you are uploading is lower than 2MB and its format is .jpg or .png. If the problem persists, please try using a different browser/device before contacting

How can I change the format of my images into the format required by the application form?

You can easily do this online in the following websites: , , . Format of the images should be .jpg or .png

How can I resize my images into the size required by the application form?

You can easily do this online in the following websites: , , . Size should be less than 2MB.

My application isn’t showing on the website, why is that?

Make sure you submitted your application first, then allow up to 48h before you can see it online.

Can I make any changes in my application after it has been submitted?

Once the application has been submitted, you are not able to make any changes. However, we might be able to assist you with some adjustments. Please contact us at