Katherine Filice

Artrooms Fair London 2018 Selected Artist

Based on your experience, can you please tell us the difference between exhibiting in an art gallery (where the works are sold by dealers) and in an art fair (where the artist is also involved in sales?
Exhibiting at an art fair is very different from a gallery show. An art fair is so valuable in that the artist meets the collectors, curators, writers and more, throughout the show. The feedback on the work, the connections are invaluable.

How did The Artrooms Fair affect the way you approach art galleries and collectors?
Artrooms helped me build my confidence and language about my art, and about sharing work. I feel like there are no barriers or limits because of my experience with Artrooms.

What are the major benefits in participating at The Artrooms Fair as an artist? Did any new opportunity of collaborations with art galleries or other artists arise during the Fair?
Artrooms kicked off my career in such a huge way! The media coverage and show invitations poured in afterwards. It was beyond my expectations. The value of my work price wise shot up significantly as well.

What do you think has changed in your artistic career after the Artrooms Fair? What is your next step now: will you be willing to promote your art independently or are you looking for a representation?
I am open to all opportunities. I love showing independently because I meet so many people but representation would allow me to have more support and focus more of my time on creating. So if the right opportunity to be represented comes along, I would be thrilled.

How do you promote yourself and your artworks? Working on commissions, attending fairs, public art…?
I use social media and public relations to promote my work, along with showing at fairs and exhibitions.

What would you expect from a fair such as the the Artrooms Fair?
I received way more than I expected from ArtRooms London-sales, connections and a prestigious event on my CV. I am hoping to got to Roma this year. Fingers crossed!

Katherine Filice – Artrooms Fair London 2018