It seems will be the best exibition that I participate. Many thanks to all people that work hard for prepare this event. They are always kind and firendly. See you there!


Feb 2018

The artrooms team is fantastic - They make such a good work and the heart of them is beating for the art... The artrooms are such a great possibility to meet curators, Gallerists, Collectors, People interested in art and other artists from around the world !! I love the private atmosphere people visiting me and my art in my room - the interesting dialogues with people touched by my art.. And the curators selected a high level of art - so it was a pleasure to visit the more than 70 ! rooms of the other artists, too..


Feb 2018

This Artrooms Art Fair was for me very interesting experience which made me very happy. I appreciated very much the good organisation and the support from the people working for Artrooms. So, thank you again for everything. Kind greetings!


Feb 2018

I would like to thank all the Artrooms exhibition organisers for providing this unique opportunity to show my work and meet other likeminded artists from all over the world. I enjoyed my show and was pleased to get such overwhelming positive feedback from the visitors as well as the organisers. Showing in this manner was new to me but I think I managed to create a very unique and intimate show by sharing my space with others. All the staff and organisers were helpful and very kind. Our curator Emma Wilson was very attentive and caring too.


Jan 2018

I am so impressed with the dedication and effort of the Artrooms team on behalf of all the artists. The social media coverage and dialogue is unmatched. My friends and other artists in California continue to remark on how well that was done. You made all of the logistics for shipping and set up easy as well. A professional experience start to finish.


Jan 2018

THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS for a brilliant, successful and exciting ARTROOMS 2018 fair. It was a creatively fulfilling experience to take part as an artist. I met so many wonderful, talented and enthusiastic people, both fellow artists and other visitors who loved the concept. All the friends and collectors I invited were impressed with the geographic and stylistic diversity and the high standard of art on show. They all commented on the intimate setting of the hotel rooms that enabled them to enter an artist’s universe which is so very different to a traditional gallery setting.


Jan 2018

For me Artrooms 18 Art Fair was fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of exhibiting my work in the confinements of a hotel room. It made me process my work and space differently. I had to adapt and manipulate myself accordingly, by transforming objects like desks and cabinets into plinths, it was an exercise in itself. In terms of the show, I very much enjoyed meeting all artrooms organizers, artists, gallery representatives, collectors and dealers. It installed a strength to communicating and building a network, which for me as an artist is most helpful, as it creates new pathways for developments. I really hope to participate again in the future.


Jan 2018

Many blessings and thank you all from all my heart for being there for me, - helping, organising, preparing everything for us. Many thanks personally to Pedro! I wish you lots of energy and inspiration to continue to promote emerging artists around the world. Your job and enthusiasm is so important!


Jan 2018

I was very happy to be part of this Artrooms Edition, and I hope to continue this collaboration. Everything worked well and I was thrilled to meet other artists and compare myself with them.

P. B.

Jan 2018

ArtRooms is very unique with an excellent opportunity to meet the artists behind some magnificent work.


Jan 2018

Great opportunity to meet independent artists and see incredible art from all around the world. The hotel is amazing, and the way the fair is displayed in London is providing an incredible experience, I'd recommend to visit and to the artist to try to have they work in one of the room


Jan 2018

Absolutely stunning! Extraordinary artists from all over the world, highest level of works and welcoming, chance to meet them in person and spend such a lovely night and talks. Incredible experience!


Jan 2018

Great art fair where artists showcase directly to to the public, no agents or galleries.


Dec 2017

Really great concept. Amazing experience. Cool atmosphere. Inspiring art. Ticks all the boxes


Jan 2016

Excellent event! It’s a great platform for new and more established artists to make international connections. A well-organized and fun experience overall!


Jan 2017

I was fortunate enough to be one of the selected artists and I can honestly say it was the best group exhibition I have ever taken part in. The artists, organisers and the hotel especially Cristina Cellini Antonini the Director, couldn’t do enough to both publicise and make the event the huge success it was. It has opened some very exciting doors for me and I must have spoken to hundreds of people. It’s a wonderful way of getting unique art into the world. Thank you.


Jan 2017

A great exhibition and proud to say I was a part of. I don’t know how Cristina does it but you feel like a 1st class artist. EVERYBODY knows ure name and very friendly and very helpful. I would recommend to any artist trying to get exposure. made a few art friends and growing more in statue, Networking with people from all over the world coming to YOU! ARTROOMS Fantastico !!!


Mar 2017

Great initiative for new emerging artists to be seen! So happy I applied! Hope to see you all at ArtRooms London 2018!


Aug 2017

Top opportunity for independent artists in Europe! I am so glad to be one of the 70 artists with the highest scores from your Selection Committee! Thank you Inés Alberty for the good news!


Sept 2017

Phenomenal show. One of a kind. Superb level of art and fantastic atmosphere.


Sept 2017