Art Projects

Sebastian Chaumeton
BA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts 2019

Primarily a sculptor Sebastian’s paintings are part of the process of creating his three dimensional work. He throws his inner mental workings out onto the canvas and see what can be drawn from that, moving onto then produce these in ceramics. Recently, Sebastian has started to relinquish responsibility for the characters in his artwork, taking suggestions from his viewer to create large scale murals. The result are large scale public collaborations, featuring themes varying from pop culture and politics to the mundane and magical.

With influences such as Keith Harring Paula Rego and David Hockney, Sebastian likes to flip the concepts of well-known artists work against their aesthetic value, creating humorous reimaginings.

Sebastian leads live painting sessions that are all site specific. Sebastian treats his paintings like sketches to his sculptures. Recently he has been more interested in relinquishing responsibility on his characters within his artwork, allowing the public/viewers to create their own themes on aesthetic, political and social elements.

This process is about collaboration. Through large scale murals and paintings Seb accumulates thoughts and feelings from a multitude of people as they suggest and write down things for him to “doodle”. Offsetting the context for art and taking joy from the performative/collective consciences that he paints he has been able to develop my practice tenfold. The end results are a mash up of the public’s thoughts and feelings at a site specific location.