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Rula Al Sayegh

Graduating from the Architectural Association, London, Rula understands the importance of form, space and light in all work she produces. From a young age, Rula has been intrigued by natural verse man-made environments. Her ideas and work are influenced by her fascination of sustainable solutions, environments and habitats, innovation and biomimicry. In previous years, Rula has applied this way of thinking by designing theoretical architectural projects that incorporate nature, sustainability, culture and global humanitarian scenarios. During the last two years Rula has followed her passion and become a self-taught ceramicist. Her work has evolved into sculptural pieces that reflect her interest and expertise in organic conformations, alongside architectural technicalities. Using ceramics as the medium for her work, she is determined to push the material’s limits by creating technically challenging sculptural pieces that evoke our senses through sight and touch.

Pascale Alessi

Pascale Alessi was born in Suth Tyrol, Italy to an Italian father and a French mother, speaking both Italian and German. Married with 2 children, Pascale is a self-taught artist, who has been drawing and painting since he was 3 years old. When he was 11 years old, Pascale helped his little brother’s class by making Christmas candles with them. His brother’s teacher and also artist, impressed by his skills after seeing one of his drawings, gave him a bag full of artists’ materials, including books and oil colours. Pascale studied languages and worked as secretary for  about 15 years, but his passion for art never left him. He now teaches French in a private school and uses ost of his free time to paint and draw. Pascale is a member of the artistic circle in his town (Circolo S.Erardo – Bressanone) and he usually paints portraits and figures using oil or pencil. Pascale has been working on commissions since 1998.

Luigi Ballarin

The painter sees, discovers, transforms the alienated and silent views of the surrounding, which remain into his memory; then he follows the instinct of synthesis, of simplification and of creative fantasy, and he outlines the most incisive contour lines, so to search a final total fusion with a fascinating and mysterious world.The shades chosen among blue, red and yellow lie on the figures, on the shapes, on the surroundings, with sharp areas giving to the images a sense of immediate and spontaneous.
In Luigi Ballarin’s art everything concretizes in a rhythmical language, which leads to a travel into the charm of transfiguration, so to reach what awakes the spiritual impulses of man’s heart. The glance observes the inside, catching the most precious senses, and the result is the expected one. Man and ambient, the values of a culture, the memory of the made experiences offer the meaning which, without any banalities, impresses a deep mark of poetical tendency on the audience. Between vision and reality, between fleetingness and memory, with his touches Luigi Ballarin collects sensations and rhythms of a civility deeply experienced, which gets an ecstatic vision through painting.

Susana Cabrera

Being an Argentine contemporary artist, Susana’s production explores different methods and supports from where she works the invisible and the unconscious. Throughout her pieces she questions about the possibilities and the plastic mutations of matter. The idea of nature from which she works is far from being static or stable. She has a point of view crossed by a form of Orientalism that can be traced throughout her production, from the use of transparencies and overlaps in textiles, to the layering overlays and glazes in photographs and paintings. Susana currently attends at Delia Cancela and Laura Saud’s workshops. She also studied with Mariana Schapiro, Ernesto Pesce, Jorge Gamarra and Eduardo Stupia. Her works have been exhibited in national and international shows in Japan, Italy and the United States. In August of the current year, she will make an individual exhibition of photographs for the “Festival de la Luz”, in the city of San Salvador de Jujuy, Argentina.

Shelby Dillon

As a filmmaker and photographer, Shelby Dillon’s art is either a single frame from a film, a moving photograph or both. Her artistic work focuses on female characters and their subjective narratives–which she both creates and acts as the subject for. She graduated from Wesleyan University with a BA in Film Studies in 2016 and has been working with moving and still images ever since.  She interned with Magnum photographer Alec Soth in Minnesota, and shortly after interned for Naomi Ko during her production of “Nice,” a TV pilot that premiered at Tribeca in 2018. Her photography has been exhibited internationally and published internationally, and her short films have been screened on the east coast and at the Twin Cities International Film Festival.

Rosario Galatioto

Rosario Galatioto was born in Cavaillon to Sicilian parents. Since she was young, she pursued drawing and painting. Completely self-taught, Rosario paints freely from her studio. After her studies in the unversity of Aix en Provence, she began working with architects as decorateur, and showing her personal works in galleries and art fairs.

Jingxin Geng

Jingxin Geng was born in 1975 in Nei Meng Gu and grew up in Beijing. She studied the traditional way of drawing and painting at Minzu University and the Central Art Academy earlier. From 2003 to 2008, she studied visual art at the Art Academy in Oslo, where she began her exploration of contemporary art making. She was selected as one of the 10 graduating MA. Students among three nordic art academies, to show in group exhibition “Reconfiguration” in The Drawing Room in London 2008. She lives and works as an artist in Norway. Her art presents itself in forms of paper cutting, drawing, painting and installation. Lines and geometric forms are often the basic elements she uses to construct her art works, in which she explores different topics such as space, depth and issues concerning identity. Like most contemporary Chinese artist, the transition from the early traditional Chinese art training of duplicating the old masters to finding her own voice as a contemporary artist has been a lifetime of exploration and transformation.

Gionata Girardi

Born in Chieri (to) in 1994, Gionata grew up in val di Susa where he attended the classical high school Norberto Rosa (Susa), now rising artist and student to the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, city where he currently lives. His educational background, as well as the artist one, revolve around graphic art. The implied technics used in order to realize his works goes from the most traditional calcography, to serigraphy and lithography, till the experimentation of new techniques such as photo-engraving.

Eunwan Han-Oehl

Eunwan Han-Oehl was born in South Korea in 1975, lives and works in Paris. Graduate of the fine arts at the University Chung Ang in South Korea. She left her county to complete her studies in visual arts at the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. Her work focuses on pictorial pratices: painting and drawing with the theme “BOX” which represents her poetic, imaginary and dreamlike universe. She has participated in many exhibitions in South Korea, USA, Canada but especially in France.

Parisa Harati

Parisa Harati is an abstract artist. Her paintings are inspired by studies of surroundings objects, spaces, shapes, and nature.  Abstraction of shapes to her is like puzzle solving.  It is recreating the environment into a free format, and breaking the rhythm, structure and rules to create a new one that entices its own chaos, beauty and colours. Born in Tehran, Iran, into a family that education, art and music were valued highly. Parisa started her first drawing and painting lessons at the age of nine in Iran with late renowned Iranian artist Nima Petgar. In spite of her formal education and profession in engineering, she pursued her passion for painting, drawing and art education and also music, playing piano, all through her life. She continued her art lessons and workshops with several other instructors in Iran up until her immigration to the States. She landed in Los Angeles and attended Hunter College to study art and modern art history. Her next destination was UCLA extension drawing classes which led her to the next joyful art journey in a circle of talented and inspiring artists, by meeting her mentor and since then long friend, artist and UCLA art instructor Joe Blaustein.  She pursued painting and drawing in Joe Blaustein workshops for ten year. After that she moved to New York and continued her painting at Art Student League of New York under instruction of Frank O’Cain which continues to this day.

Jae Hee Kim

Jae Hee Kim is an artist based in Seoul, Korea and Milan, Italy. She holds degrees from Ewha Women’s University (BFA in Occidental Painting, 2002 and MFA in Painting and Printmaking, 2005) and Accademia di Belle Arti di Ravenna (MFA in Mosaic, 2016).In 2018 she obtained the 1st Prize Professional at the IX PICTOR IMAGINARIUS International Competition. Her work was selected for exhibition at the GAeM International Prize (2013, 2015, and 2017), the Premio Nocivelli (2015), and the PICTOR IMAGINARIUS International Competition (2015 and 2017). In 2013, she participated in the exhibition, “Eccentrico musivo,” at the Museum of the City of Ravenna (Italy) and in 2015 and 2017, the exhibition, “Opera dal Mondo,” at the RavennaMosaic Biennale (Italy). She held her first solo exhibition in 2005 at Fifteen Gallery (Seoul, Korea) and has also participated in many group exhibitions since 1999.

Anne Hobbs

Anne’s work aims to explore the complex relationship and values we have towards the natural environment. Recurrent themes and influences include: conservation, preservation, landscape heritage, botany, museums and natural history. Research and field visits that inform her work may later lead to multidisciplinary outcomes including ceramics, metalwork, printmaking and textiles. Anne recently completed a BA (Hons, 1st Class, 2016) in Creative Art & Design Practice, Oxford Brookes University. She pursues her artistic practice working from her studio based in Oxfordshire.

Carole Jury

Carole Jury is a French born artist from Lyon. Carole is both a photographer and an abstract painter and she combines the two medium of expression in her process, starting from photography and then transposing it to painting to create her series with poetic names such as Dark sea or La Vie en Rose.
Her signature resides in her broad textured strokes, her ability to capture shadows and lights and her eye for color with canvases from vibrant reds to calming blues, subtle nuances of whites to powerful blacks. Working mainly in oils but also in acrylics, Carole Jury likes to play with materials to express herself: her paintings can be either made on canvas, wood or aluminum, incorporating leather or fabrics.

Hyun Jung Ji

Hyun Jung Ji, born in South Korea, currently lives and practices as a professional painter in Los Angeles, California. She gained formal training as a painter at the Art Centre College of Design in Pasadena, CA where she began to develop her unique illustrative style and meticulous approach to painting. Hyun’s works are inspired by her childhood. Her painting plays a role as a medium to connect herself of the past with herself of the present. She faces the inner chaos that lies most deeply in her memory to confront the avoided trauma. She produces engaging narratives populated by multiple figures of herself. Her works evoke a sense of fantasy and the subconscious.

Claire Knapp

Claire Knapp was born in 1973 in the United Kingdom, and currently lives in London. Claire is a self-taught artist and has spent most of her life expressing her creativity through business start-ups and property renovation. Around 2015, she decided to make a big change and stand back from the business world to satisfy her burning desire to create art. Claire is now at the beginning of her journey as an artist and eager to progress.

Andrew Leventis

Andrew Leventis has a BFA from the American Academy of Art in Chicago and an MFA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College, University of London. His work has been selected for the UK’s National Open Art Competition, the Salon Art Prize at Matt Roberts Arts and Young Gods at the Griffin Gallery in London. Andrew has taught in the past at the University of South Dakota, been a guest lecturer at Savannah College of Art and Design and is the current Assistant Professor of Painting at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Gillian Linden

Gillian was born and bred in London. Her many influences emerged from her observations as a young child growing up in the 70’s and her many experiences to date. In her mid twenties she moved across the pond state side, to LA, for a number of years, working within the film industry before moving back to Europe and studying art at the Paris American academy. For the past 16 years she has been living and working in Jersey the Channel Islands, as a single mother bringing up her son.

Valentina Lucarini Orejon

Valentina Lucarini Orejon, was born in Pietrasanta in 1985, to an Italian father and a Spanish mother. She has got the artistic legacy because she was born in a family of craftsmen, masters in the bronze lost-wax casting metod and  grows surrounded by the most capable sculptors and artisans. Her grandfather Gino is one of the founders of the “Fonderia Artistica Versiliese” of Pietrasanta, known for his collaborations with some of the biggest names in international art; Valentina starts very young, without hesitation, in that fascinating and secret world  like that of the artistic workshop , under  the guidance of the father and the two uncles. She learns the techniques of lost wax casting, how to model the clay and how make enlargements of sculptures with the use of the pantograph and compasses, with the tricks of the trade that only patience and practice can reveal. In 2005 even before completing her studies, she realizes for the company  MSC cruises ships, a series of medium and large sculptural works, in materials such as bronze, marble and aluminum, in collaboration with the FP Luxury Art gallery in Genoa. She attended the Institute of Art “Stagio Stagi”, and then graduates with a final mark of 110 cum laude at the “Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara”, with a thesis about the  techniques of bronze casting of large equestrian-monuments. To enrich her cultural background, she attends the studies of some of the most important masters in the contemporary scene, sometimes becoming  personal assistant and creating for them, enlargements, models and sketches. Valentina participates in several exhibitions, is selected for the realization of sports and fashion trophies, and her works are present in private and public collections. Thanks to his artistic training at 360 °, she realizes her own pieces without intermediaries, personally executing every step: from the model of clay or wax, to the molding, up to the finishing of the bronzes. In her studio, located inside the family foundry, aided by the propositional and stimulating environment that surrounds her every day, she deepens and constantly increases her artistic and intellectual baggage, remaining faithful to her aesthetic and plastic sense.

Rika Nagahata

Rika Nagahata was born in Japan but has been living in New Zealand since 2008. While in Japan, she graduated from Osaka Art University majoring in printmaking. This period of time at University experimenting with different copper-plate printing techniques has greatly influenced her art today. Although she currently uses ink and watercolours to create originals instead of prints, her patterns and fine lines reflect the intricate process of etching. This unique connection gives her works a special feel and presence that enables the viewer to get entranced and lost in the art. The numerous unique and beautiful animals New Zealand has to offer also have a big influence on Rika’s art, as well as various children’s book illustrators and traditional Japanese art.

Laura Pellizzari

Laura Pellizzari, born in Trevignano (TV), lives in Loreggia (PD) where she also works. Its primitive background, characterized by an artistic family tradition, from an early age, pushes it to a natural rapprochement with the universe of art. She loves the sinuous material consistency of clay, fascinated by the energy that perceives it. Those impressed footprints, and beyond, will be the matrices that will accompany her throughout her life, until, over time, she becomes aware of the need to make art for her own personal growth and self-realization, a tendency recognized, subsequently, by the World of critical. She began working with clay at a very early age, undertaking a thorough research into ceramic materials and enamels in the 1980s. Antonio Canova, born in Possagno (TV), who, in the past centuries, sculpts in the same hills of Treviso, has left a trace in the taste and representation of these lands. The young Pellizzari is almost an unaware apprentice of the Master, since the Canovian context and the mythology, in which it is found and recognized, have impregnated it and pushed it towards a certain conception of life and sculpture. Pellizzari deepens the study and practice of sculpture, going, as the Italian Renaissance art wants, a “workshop” by sculptors such as the Maestro Nazzareno Manganello and attending the workshops of potters of the ancient tradition of Nove di Bassano (YOU). She perfected at the Institute of Approach Centered on the Person, inspired by the thought of the well-known psychologist Carl Rogers, deepening and focusing on the primordial humanistic penchant of his soul: it is evident that his projects become clear humanistic and will acquire ever greater connotation, thanks to the artist’s individual research. The passion for teaching, an essential component of his professional background, leads her to take care of projects related to various forms of artistic expression in the school. Participates annually in the study weeks at the Research Institute for studies on Canova and the Neoclassicism of Bassano del Grappa and near Possagno. A path that leads her, almost inevitably, to participate in numerous competitions and important artistic events, receiving prizes and awards. Her sculptures are noted, among others, by Critics such as Vittorio Sgarbi who counts, among the masterpieces of his personal museum, an accumulation of blue shoes in glazed terracotta. Among the other prizes, the prestigious Writers Capital Italy (foundation supported by the UN) has conferred in 2017 the renowned award and honorary title of “Excellence-Sculptor”, recognizing Pellizzari as: “A prominent exponent in the field of sculpture , able to make the soul speak through its all round “.

Dong Phan Phuong

Dong Phan Phuong was born in 1961 in Vietnam. He has created a body of work that is a mélange of architecture and minimalist sculpture. Dong’s own creations have become an inseparable entity from himself.

Catherine Pickop

Repetition, stillness and rhythm are essential elements in Catherine Pickop’s work. She is particularly interested in how art can help to express internal emotions and rationalize inner thoughts. She began using coffee residue as a personal material in her art making exploring feelings consciously and subconciously as a method of self discovery Her works become a visual reflection of her mind, the process of her art-making describes how she sees the world, reconstructed on paper in minimal abstract form. Catherine is going to graduate this summer from Bachelor of Art (fine art) Hong Kong Art School. After exploring different media through her early stage, she is now more focused on drawings with natural mineral pigment and coffee residue. She created her own method and gesture of rubbing natural mineral pigment on paper which is direct and intimate way of painting. Each painting evolves from combination of carefully planned structure and the direct sensation of application and removal of pigment. The carefully calibrated neutral tones create complex spacial compositions which invite the audience to appreciate movement and subtle variations of colour.

Daniele Ravizza

Daniele Ravizza is an Italian artist, born in the Lombardy region, not far from Milan. In his work, he explores the possibilities of a range of artistic media, including painting, iron and wood. In its current form, Daniele’s work stems from the need to look beyond the traditional portrait. The Outsider captures moments of life in a wooden sculptural form, from a new and unusual point of view, as if from below a glass plane. Daniele finds that reflecting upon life from this new perspective detaches us from shape and subject, taking us into a surreal dimension, far from any form of control, where the unconscious and the realm of dreams inspire new and original feelings and thoughts. Daniele’s sculptures are created out of manually cut and carved layers of wood and plywood, a live material, whose unpredictable colour and grain confer a unique feel and personality to each artwork. Occasionally using the pseudonym Daniel, he is currently continuing his research, playing with this point of view and seeking to use it to reveal hidden aspects of the portrait as an art form.

Lola Santos

Lola Santos was born in Cordoba, Spain in 1972. She studied Fine Arts in the Santa Isabel de Hungría School of Arts, in the University of Sevilla, Spain. In 1995, she obtained a Master’s Degree in Artwork Restoration and Conservation. Shortly after graduation, Lola dedicated herself to the care of my newly formed family, but always kept a close relationship to art by painting as a hobby and by teaching art at several High Schools for sixteen years. Lola and her family relocated to Raleigh, NC in 2014, but it was not until 2016 that she decided to pick up the brush and paint again.

Tomasz Talaj

Tomasz Talaj was born in England in 1964, and currently lives in Australia. The ephemeral is what draws him to his art practice, and nature is his greatest source of inspiration. His atmospheric paintings, suggestive of a personal or spiritual path, have led him on a search for deeper meaning of the human condition. This endeavour has ultimately revealed quiet discoveries and transcendental experiences represented by the orbs or glowing lights. Drawing on the history of western landscape painting, he looks to the sky to imagine our enduring yet fleeting place in nature. It reminds me that the natural world’s beauty, power and capacity remains beyond human control, beyond our authority. The sky can be seen as paradoxical where, on the one hand, it inherently stays the same, yet changes minute by minute, irrespective of time. Staring into the clouds is such a poetic, vivid, peaceful, yet often dramatic affair for Tomasz. A meditation on human faith and experience, they mirror our vulnerabilities and strengths, and reveal the uncertain and absolute. It is in this state of becoming aware that otherworldly experiences are possible. Tomasz uses painting to recall these visual moments, and perhaps elevate feeling beyond seeing.

Chisato Yasui

Chisato Yasui was born in Aichi, Japan in 1984. She is a ceramics and mixed media artist. She graduated with an MA in Art and Design from University of Tsukuba in 2010. She lives in Ibaraki and has been working on creative activities.
Yasui has been interested in subconsciousness since childhood. She feels something what can’t be seen connects us with this world deeply. She has been trying to make many people understand its importance, that is, what part “invisible-connection” takes.
When she was a sophomore at university, she met ceramics. She realized that in its working process it was important to talk to the materials and to follow her own intuition and sense of touch. And an idea came to her that ceramics are a suitable means to express what she wants to convey. Since then ceramics have been her main way to express her idea.
Yasui is involved in the workshop called “Yui’s pottery workshop”, which utilizes the ceramic system. It aims to connect people to people and to give a place where communication can arise naturally. She shows many people there “a way to connect each other” not only through her works but also through the workshop.