Kunst in Reinach, Switzerland

Maria Martin, one of the selected artists for Artrooms Fair London 2019, will be taking part in this year’s Art in Reinach exhibition.

After 20 successful years, the regional exhibition Art in Reinach has become established. This is no reason for the creators to stand still, but certainly a time to give themselves a new face and to promote young, regional artists.
With its regional exhibition Art in Reinach, the municipality of Reinach has been making a valuable contribution to the arts of the region for years. The working group continues to attach great importance to the selection of artists and the balanced selection of works of art of various techniques at an affordable price. Nevertheless, the time is ripe to rejuvenate. Young artists wanted with the special exhibition “Young Art”, which features an exhibition of the 3rd floor of the Galerie Gemeindehaus, young artists up to the age of 20 are to be offered a platform to present themselves to a broad audience. They are to be allowed a first entry into the art scene, which is why the exhibition space is provided free of charge. In this way, the next generation can exchange ideas with already established artists on site, be inspired and also get in contact with potential buyers and buyers. New sponsorship opportunity – “Young Art” Special exhibitions have already been carried out several times in recent years. What is new, however, is that a main sponsor is being sought for “Young Art” because the special exhibition is always referred exclusively to in the media. This main sponsoring can also be understood as a funding contribution. On the one hand, access to the public is made possible, on the other hand, financial weaknesses are not excluded.

Rejuvenation down the line – better presentation of the sponsors Although the previous visual appearance of “Kunst in Reinach” already has a high recognition value, it should also be rejuvenated after twenty years. This makes the advertising media more straightforward, optically quieter and more modern. This reorganization should also benefit the valuable sponsors; the logos of the main sponsors should be better staged. A weekend house full of art from the 2nd to the 4th. November 2018. This year’s exhibition takes place from 2.-4. November 2018. A selection of works by regional artists will be presented: In addition to paintings in different techniques, different sculptures and objects will also be on display. The artists are on site during the exhibition and are also available to talk to the audience. The parish hall is freely accessible throughout the duration of the exhibition. Admission is free.

On three days you can enjoy the very special atmosphere and not only let the works work on you, but also get in touch with the artists present. The exhibition is designed so that the exhibited works are aesthetically and artistically convincing, but the selling prices are also interesting and balanced.
Exhibition dates:
2.11.2018 from 18.30 – 21.00 Vernissage
3.11.2018 from 11am to 6pm
4.11.2018 from 11am to 5pm