A Million Lines

Perez Reiter is a collaborative creative duo that interrogates the common ground between visual and
built space through computation. They re-write natural events and cultural constructs by translating
them into algorithmic procedures. In this process, they take the act of drawing to an unconventional
realm, exploring the aesthetic qualities of associative arrangements of thousands of lines. Based
between Colombia and Austria, and with a background in architecture, its partners, Irmgard Reiter and
Diego Perez-Espitia enjoy the diversity of multidisciplinary and multicultural experimentation. From the
movements of the earth below us, all the way to musical landscapes, and the coding of notation
systems, their work has a strong sense of spatiality, producing very diverse sensations, from calm
subtleties to extreme colourful lavishness.
This exhibition is Perez Reiter’s first solo show in China, it will showcase selected works from two of their
recent series: Quakes and Re-written: Music.
In Quakes, the locations of tectonic plates’ movements that took place in the pacific coast of the
Americas, from 2008 to 2013, have been encoded into an algorithm written by Perez Reiter. With the
help of the rigorous administration of data provided by the algorithm, they draw thousands of lines that
depict how the weave of the everyday is torn apart by violent bursts of energy.
For the series Re-written: Music, fragments from three pieces by Beethoven have been analyzed and
encoded into an algorithm. By a system of rules, Perez Reiter draws music. Their algorithm transforms
the continuity of a parallel arrangement of lines into a complex topography of sensations. Based on the
peak frequency and melodic range of the pieces, they create a sonic landscape through a joyful play
between music, writing and computation.

A Million Lines
Perez Reiter
Opening Reception : 2018.08.04 (Sat.) 4:30-7:30pm
Exhibition duration: 2018.08.04(Sat.)to 2018.09.04(Tue.)
Exhibition continues until October 14th, 2018.

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