Giacomo Bevanati’s practice

Watch Giacomo Bevanati’s video to find out more about the artist practice.

Giacomo with his background in Architecture and Exhibition Design started creating a net of sewed wire with specific mental patrons, whose strength is a guarantee of reinforcement able to create shapes and curvatures which lead to final sculptures and models. During the last four years, this autodidactic process lets him discover how the weight, the tensions and the structure of the net can get transformed into an art piece. His creations range from sculptures to wearable art, where masks, hats and sculptures constantly evolve while his learning process moves forward.

Kunst in Reinach, Switzerland

Maria Martin, one of the selected artists for Artrooms Fair London 2019, will be taking part in this year’s Art in Reinach exhibition.

After 20 successful years, the regional exhibition Art in Reinach has become established. This is no reason for the creators to stand still, but certainly a time to give themselves a new face and to promote young, regional artists.
With its regional exhibition Art in Reinach, the municipality of Reinach has been making a valuable contribution to the arts of the region for years. The working group continues to attach great importance to the selection of artists and the balanced selection of works of art of various techniques at an affordable price. Nevertheless, the time is ripe to rejuvenate. Young artists wanted with the special exhibition “Young Art”, which features an exhibition of the 3rd floor of the Galerie Gemeindehaus, young artists up to the age of 20 are to be offered a platform to present themselves to a broad audience. They are to be allowed a first entry into the art scene, which is why the exhibition space is provided free of charge. In this way, the next generation can exchange ideas with already established artists on site, be inspired and also get in contact with potential buyers and buyers. New sponsorship opportunity – “Young Art” Special exhibitions have already been carried out several times in recent years. What is new, however, is that a main sponsor is being sought for “Young Art” because the special exhibition is always referred exclusively to in the media. This main sponsoring can also be understood as a funding contribution. On the one hand, access to the public is made possible, on the other hand, financial weaknesses are not excluded.

Rejuvenation down the line – better presentation of the sponsors Although the previous visual appearance of “Kunst in Reinach” already has a high recognition value, it should also be rejuvenated after twenty years. This makes the advertising media more straightforward, optically quieter and more modern. This reorganization should also benefit the valuable sponsors; the logos of the main sponsors should be better staged. A weekend house full of art from the 2nd to the 4th. November 2018. This year’s exhibition takes place from 2.-4. November 2018. A selection of works by regional artists will be presented: In addition to paintings in different techniques, different sculptures and objects will also be on display. The artists are on site during the exhibition and are also available to talk to the audience. The parish hall is freely accessible throughout the duration of the exhibition. Admission is free.

On three days you can enjoy the very special atmosphere and not only let the works work on you, but also get in touch with the artists present. The exhibition is designed so that the exhibited works are aesthetically and artistically convincing, but the selling prices are also interesting and balanced.
Exhibition dates:
2.11.2018 from 18.30 – 21.00 Vernissage
3.11.2018 from 11am to 6pm
4.11.2018 from 11am to 5pm

A Million Lines

Perez Reiter is a collaborative creative duo that interrogates the common ground between visual and
built space through computation. They re-write natural events and cultural constructs by translating
them into algorithmic procedures. In this process, they take the act of drawing to an unconventional
realm, exploring the aesthetic qualities of associative arrangements of thousands of lines. Based
between Colombia and Austria, and with a background in architecture, its partners, Irmgard Reiter and
Diego Perez-Espitia enjoy the diversity of multidisciplinary and multicultural experimentation. From the
movements of the earth below us, all the way to musical landscapes, and the coding of notation
systems, their work has a strong sense of spatiality, producing very diverse sensations, from calm
subtleties to extreme colourful lavishness.
This exhibition is Perez Reiter’s first solo show in China, it will showcase selected works from two of their
recent series: Quakes and Re-written: Music.
In Quakes, the locations of tectonic plates’ movements that took place in the pacific coast of the
Americas, from 2008 to 2013, have been encoded into an algorithm written by Perez Reiter. With the
help of the rigorous administration of data provided by the algorithm, they draw thousands of lines that
depict how the weave of the everyday is torn apart by violent bursts of energy.
For the series Re-written: Music, fragments from three pieces by Beethoven have been analyzed and
encoded into an algorithm. By a system of rules, Perez Reiter draws music. Their algorithm transforms
the continuity of a parallel arrangement of lines into a complex topography of sensations. Based on the
peak frequency and melodic range of the pieces, they create a sonic landscape through a joyful play
between music, writing and computation.

A Million Lines
Perez Reiter
Opening Reception : 2018.08.04 (Sat.) 4:30-7:30pm
Exhibition duration: 2018.08.04(Sat.)to 2018.09.04(Tue.)
Exhibition continues until October 14th, 2018.

Ying Gallery
No.258-2-1 Cao Chang Di Village, Cui Ge Zhuang, Chao Yang District,
Beijing, China, 100015
email :
TEL +86-10-5722-0406
Business Hour
Summer: 11:00-19:00
Winter: 10:00-18:00
Open: Wed-Sun
Mon (Closed) Tue (appointment only)



Bel Air Fine Art is proud to present Structurally Scrumptious, a joint exhibition of new work by celebrated international sculptors Laurence Jenkell and Rafael Barrios.

Structurally Scrumptious will be presented over both floors of the BAFA Contemporary New Bond Street gallery. Opening during Frieze weekend, the exhibition will continue until 5th November.

Laurence Jenkell and Rafael Barrios are two of the most important artists working in sculpture today. Laurence Jenkell is the top French artist sold in the United States (Artprice, May 2018). The exhibition will be the first time Raphael Barrios’s work has been given an exhibition in the United Kingdom.

Laurence Jenkell is a French contemporary artist born in the city of Bourges in 1965. A self- taught artist, Jenkell began creating sculptures in the mid-nineties, leading her to experiment with various techniques such as inclusion, dripping, firing and casting. After mastering the ability to work with Plexiglas – acrylic glass – Jenkell developed the ‘wrapping technique,’ which allows her to drape and twist the material into large-scale forms, most recognisable in her candy sculptures. Presently exhibited in more than twenty-five countries, Jenkell’s works have been inducted into many major private, public and institutional collections, and in 2013 she exhibited ‘Wrapping Candy “Nutcracker”’ at The New York Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). She currently lives and works in Vallauris.

Rafael Barrios is a Miami-based Venezuelan-American artist. Born in 1947, to a family of artists, inventors and engineers, Barrios went on to study fine art in Canada, America and Venezuela and received his first award, ‘National Youth Painting,’ in 1963. Recognised as one of the most important artists in Venezuela, Barrios is renowned for his large-scale sculptural works which are often comprised of an assemblage of brightly coloured materials. Monumental in scale and geometric in shape, Barrios’ work appears to defy gravity in its construction, manipulating the eye into perceiving depth. In his forty-year career, he has exhibited works in over one hundred exhibitions including the Venice Biennale, Park Avenue New York and the National Art Gallery in Caracas, as well as in the private collections of HRH Don Juan Carlos de Borbón, King of Spain, and the collection of HRH Gloria, Princess of Germany. This is the first time that Barrios has exhibited in the UK.

Laurence Jenkell and Raphael Barrios
Opening Cocktail 5-7pm, 5 October 2018
Exhibition continues until 5 November 2018
BAFA Contemporary
105 New Bond Street London W1S 1DN
+44 (0) 207 495 5101