Lorenzo Quinn presents VOLARE

After the success of “Support” that attracted so much interest in the public of the 57th Venice Biennale, Lorenzo Quinn returns to Venice with two works that will embrace the Grand Canal again from July to November:
“La Forza della Natura” (The Force of Nature) and “Volare” (Flying).
The first will be positioned exactly where the gigantic hands of “Support” had been installed last year, in front of the historic Rialto fish market; the second, “Volare”, will be located in the picturesque setting of the water gate of the Centurion Palace (near the Basilica della Salute).

The two artworks will symbolically open and close an unprecedented artistic path along this historic stretch of the Grand Canal.
Lorenzo Quinn (Rome, 1966), internationally renowned artist and son of the famous actor Anthony, boasts a special relationship with the lagoon city: both the late mother and his wife are Venetian.

A destiny that thus binds the artist to Venice and which is reflected in his works through suggestions of beauty, delicacy and fragility.

Lorenzo Quinn has worked for years with the Halcyon Gallery in London and on this occasion decided to display the two new works with and thanks to the collaboration of Cristian Contini (Contini Contemporary) and Massimiliano Bugno (Bugno Art Gallery).
Both “Volare” and “La Forza della Natura” will be exhibited from July until the end of November.

Contini Contemporary: info@continicontemporary.com

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