LUX- a refreshing collaborative exhibition

Zari Gallery is proud to announce the opening of Lux, a collection of photographs and abstract paintings by artists E. Bee Bantug, Laura Benneton & Irena Iris Willard. This exhibition is an affirmation of freedom, of life as a complex, yet simplistic entity and the dance of light in darkness.

Lux will be held at Zari Gallery from 2nd to 20th July 2018

E. Bee Bantug: Completely self-taught, E. Bee Bantug has been creating images with her camera since the 1980’s. The current character and state of her art, a creative evolution only since 2013, follows a trajectory along her accelerating kinship with, and fascination about, life’s unknowable mysteries. In this journey, she identifies rather keenly with the spirit of an emerging artist, experiencing a desire to be both a teacher wishing to share a nuanced new point of view and a student avidly in hot pursuit to create and experiment.

Irena Iris Willard: Irena presents an eerily timeless approach in her photography. She homes in with her use of double exposure, and she is able connect the viewer to the seen and unseen. Irena, an autodidact photographer, began to present her photography after the terrorist attacks in Paris. One can see that her attention towards light, is a form of freedom and rebellion; a true testament to her artistic truth, “Paris will always be the City of Light”.

Laura Benneton: Laura is an Italian artist based in London, who paints explosive abstract works. There seems to be a ‘shattered’ look to many of her paintings, as if shards of colour float above the surface of the canvas. Benneton has beautifully encompassed the richness of palette and abstract themes of inspiration; creating visually arresting and strikingly unique pieces.

Benneton, Willard & Bantug create a refreshing and empowering approach to the artistic culture, all the while empowering their fellow woman and positively reinforcing change to the way art is interpreted.
Zari Gallery invites you to bear witness to this exciting exhibition, Lux

Private View: 5th July, 6.30-8.30 pm

Zari Gallery
3 Newman Street, London, W1T 3EJ
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