Triumvirate a refreshing collaborative exhibition by Teresa Rubio, Carlos Vivar & Renatta

Zari Gallery is proud to announce the opening of its latest exhibition Triumvirate, a series of paintings from artists Teresa Rubio, Carlos Vivar & Renatta. This is poetic, innovative and eclectic amalgamation of Art from the western and southern hemispheres and will be hosted from Monday 4th June to Friday 15th June 2018.

Teresa Rubio reflects her search for inner silence, a quest for expressing inner experiences of
wonder, peace and joy. It is to be found in her contemplative paintings of power and gentle
beauty. In colour, tone, composition and form her images reveal great artistic skill and aesthetic
pleasure. These silent images speak a language of their own but nevertheless one that can be

Carlos Vivar manages to embody a very strange combination of passion and sweetness, fiction and symbolism, happiness and metaphor. His artwork can be compared to an array of coloured light beams with a mixture of soil and sand melting in a texture full of emotions. Fusions of light, harmony and figurative style provoke mild palpitations. His creations are irresponsibly mature and with a profound taste of enjoyment. Carlos Vivar is different, self-taught, figurative and with a mixed technique that captives and transcends the conventional.

Renatta echoes a multitude of influences and personal journeys. One sees aboriginal themes brought to life through colour and, the re-emergence of pop-art teamed with a strong geometric backbone. Her work is intrusively bold and yet, serenely, depicts love, frustration, euphoria and joy. Specialising in the use of acrylic and pencil one sees a positive future for the artist.
Together, the art work of Rubio, Vivar and Renatta creates a soul-enriching, welcoming and explorative narrative; the works address the struggle of man through his culture, socio-political, spiritual and physical quest for serenity.
With broad brushes of desire and sporadic splatters of paint, shifting paradigms and evoking a myriad of experiences and emotions, Zari Gallery invites you to bear witness to this atmospheric exhibition, Triumvirate.
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