Andrea Alonso’s artwork exhibited at Churchill Downs

Satuday the 28th of April was a night full of excitement for Kentucky Derby Week‘s kick off, with various artist of from Louisville Fund for the Arts selected to be present their works at the Churchill Downs‘ opening night.

Event highlights included Awards in the Arts Orange, the Color of Creativity, where artists were encouraged to incorporate orange into their attire for the evening, The Jesse Lees at Plaza Stage, Louisville Crashers at Plaza Stage, 10 live races including the William Walker and performing artists: Acting Against Cancer, Amberly Simpson & Dancers, Bohemian Monkey, Bri Bowers, Casey McKinney, CirqueLouis, DESTINED Dance Company, Gilbert and Sullivan Society, Grant Goodwine, GSA Alumni,  Jecorey “1200” Arthur + NadaLoutfi, Juggernaut Jug Band, The Art of Kacy, Kentucky Opera, Kentucky Shakespeare, Kuvebo! West African Drum and Dance, Micah Chandler, Tatiana Rathke + Jennifer Greb, The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Louisville, Tyler Robertson and Wheeler Elementary Students.

One of Artrooms Fair London 2019 applicants, Andrea Alonso, had her work Hysteria exhibited at Millionaire’s Row #4.

“I recall non-existent and provocative spaces using different sets of plans; architecture and environment’s geometry inspire me to compose unreal spaces. My art represents places that can only be in the imagination and are simply not possible in the physical world.”