Sara Jayne Harris exhibiting new works at 5th Base Gallery

19th – 22nd April 2018
This exhibition brings together the work of six multicultural artists with distinct fine art practices living, working and studying in Surrey inclunding Sara Jayne Harris, one of Artrooms Fair London 2019’s applicants. Each has a story to tell, not as a singular totality, but as an interrelated network. Today, artists are not only crossing geographical borders but are also linking ideas, mediums, cultures and time. A global, contemporary art of diverse origins has now taken place. Despite different cultural backgrounds, each of the artists’ input is inextricably interlaced in this stimulating exhibition that invites to dive into the insights of humankind nature. The Interrelation theme within the exhibition is focused on not blending but transcending cultural differences.
Sara Jayne Harris investigates the connections between ancestors and the quotidian. The status of the everyday revealed from fragments of memory is elevated and takes on a significance through uncanny puppetry and filmic works.
The exhibition will be open Thursday, 19th April from 6-9pm; Friday, 20th April from 12-9pm; Saturday, 21st April from 12-9pm and Sunday, 22nd April from 12-6pm at 5th Base Gallery, 23 Heneage Street, London E1 5LJ.