Le Dame Art Gallery: solo exhibition by Steven Vaughn

Le Dame Art Gallery is proud to present a solo exhibition by ritualistic water painter Stevens Vaughn. The exhibition is running from the 16th March to the 30th April. Private View will be on Thursday the 15th March from 6:30-9pm. Don’t miss the chance to meet the artist! RSVP to c.benito@ledameartgallery.com.

Stevens Vaughn was born in Minnesota, United States, to Vince Vaughn and Joyce Andresen; farmers and cattle ranchers. Due to a rare form of autism resulting in a lack of the concept of time and direction, his early life was based on seasons and events. He is currently based in China. His exhibitions are influenced by his study and training in the philosophy of how important imperfection is to the state of perfection in Japan and China. His methods of painting have been reported to use ritual “dripping” techniques that don’t pull out the color randomly, rather distribute pigments dropwise. The technique uses instability of the fluid to create figures and the splash of the droplets to further enhance the painting.Stevens Vaughn co-founded in 2000 Hafnia Foundation. The Foundation develop and support projects that inspire people, regardless of geographical boundaries, religions, sexuality or any other differences. Each project as well as their creators, seek to discover something meaningful while being playful during the process.

Le Dame Art Gallery at Meliá White House 1 Albany Street, Regent’s Park, London NW1 3UP

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 10am -6pm