Fernando Viscasillas – The dreamy artist who does not forget Pontevedra

The dreamy artist who does not forget Pontevedra

He went to London to exhibit his painting and took the opportunity to exhibit some original photos of the Lérez bridges


It happened in Ferrol. Fernando Viscasillas, today a painter and professor of drawing, settled in Pontevedra for more than two decades. Fernando, in his youthful effervescence, with all his life and illusion ahead, stood before his father, a Mr. engineer of the Bazán, and told him that he wanted to be an artist. He wanted to take advantage of the art that ran through his veins since he was a child – he even composed a book with drawings he made for his classmates and school teachers – and become a drawing teacher. The conversation, as you can imagine, did not end as Fernando expected. And the kid ended up in law school. But, that young man from Ferrol, either knew Ghandi or imitated him by pure chance, but the fact is that he made his resistance peaceful. “I was there for several years enduring, until they realized that it was not my thing, and they let me decide,” he says. Fernando ended up in Tenerife studying Fine Arts. There, the lawyer dreamed by his father died and the aritst was born. Since then, one thing is clear: the kid was not disappointed, because today he is an artist, and a well recognized one, who is quite happy. Fernando passed the race, passed the exams and, in effect, became a drawing teacher in art schools, colleges or institutes. This was how he arrived in Pontevedra, where he settled for good while still teaching in Ourense. Then he got closer and spent years in the CPI of Barrantes (Ribadumia). Fernando was always clear that, beyond his daily work, he was and is a painter. So he dedicated himself and is still dedicated to painting. He immediately took the international leap and his work was traveling to Tokyo, Venice, Paris … And above all to Bologna, since he maintained and maintains a close relationship with this city.

The reason for the bridges
The fact is that this summer, by chance, as always happens with important things, he saw that there was a selection of artists for a unique exhibition in London: Artrooms; a show that took place at the White Hotel House Meliá in which the artists show there work in their own rooms. With over 1,100 applicants and 70 seleted artists, he thad to prepare his London expedition

What did he take with him? Well, logically, his painting. In fact, within it, he chose paintings that constitute a tribute to his great-grandfather, the composer Eduardo Viscasillas, friend of Verdi, author of 200 works and member of the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna. And he managed to hang the paintings in the hotel room like it was an exhibition hall. «It was a huge job. It seemed Macgyver trying to place the pictures in it, “he remembered yesterday with a smile, even from London.
At the same exhibition, he included a photographic montage that made a bridge between the street and the works of the artists, and that was going to hang in the lobby of the hotel. He did not think twice; He got up one day and went to photograph the bridges of Lérez, from Los Tirantes to As Correntes through O Burgo. Then, he put technique and imagination and made some photomontages that led to London. It could not go better: “The truth is that they attracted a lot of attention, everyone asked me about Pontevedra, they said it looked like a very cosmopolitan city. And I, of course, explained that Pontevedra had been transformed and that it was ideal for walking, to enjoy it … I think I sold it well, “he says with a smile. Fernando will soon return to the land of Lérez. And he will keep releasing “the artist’s poison” that he says he has inside. Now he the father of two grown daughters and, when asked if he also gave them advice when deciding the future, he says: “I always tell them to do what the head asks them to do”. Then, the question falls: does he have the head or the heart? And he replies: «In my case I think they are united. I have my heart in my head … maybe that’s why I’m so clueless. My daughters sometimes ask me if I am here, because I can spend five hours doing nothing and not knowing what is around me, “he says. In his day to day, when he acts as a teacher, he makes a loving revenge to his father, now deceased. Because if his progenitor tried not to be an artist, he tries the opposite with his pupils, and more than one that was not clear about the future ended up aiming at Fine Arts. Although, to be fair, it must be said that Fernando’s father did not die without recognizing his acchivments. He remembers with emotion: “He went to the casino in Ferrol to tell his friends that he was exhibiting and that they gave me the Lorenzo Medici medal. It was very emotional, “the artist says. Years ago he received the medal Lorenzo Medici and his work has long traveled the world.


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