Kaori Homma Awared Parker Harris Special Award at ING Discerning Eyes 2017

Kaori Homma, Artrooms London 2018 selected artist, has been awarded the Parker Harris Prize at 2017 ING Discerning Eye Exhibition, held from the 16th to the 26th November at the Mall Galleries.

The Discerning Eye annual exhibition is a show of small works independently selected by six prominent figures from different areas of the art world: two artists, two collectors and two critics.
The selectors choose both publicly submitted works and works by personally invited artists. Each selector’s section is hung separately to give each its own distinctive identity. The impression emerges of six small exhibitions within the whole.

Silence: Solo Exhibition by Duncan Stewart in Cape Town

“Silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom. – Francis Bacon”

Silence, a solo exhibition by Artrooms London 2018 selected artist Duncan Stewart, will open to the public tomorrow, from 11am.

The exhibition will run until the 11th of December at Art in the Yard, 38 Huguenot Road, Franschhoek, Western Cape, South Africa.

We live in a noisy world where it is challenging to hear above the din, and almost impossible to step off the treadmill long enough to discern what path to take.
This exhibition, simply called SILENCE, has become the embodiment of that struggle for me.
Silence is free of talking or the need to think about words and thoughts.
Silence is about being. And about being still.
Silence is the cathedral in our souls, which, if incessantly occupied leaves no room to hear the divine whispers.
As I set about creating work for this show, it was this desperate need to create from a place of stillness and silent listening that led me to explore a range of paintings that at first glance appear monochromatic. I wanted to create visual spaces that were calm, quite and removed from noisy colors and energetic angles.
By exploring subtle shifts of hues and tones I have intentionally ‘bleached’ the noise out, giving the viewer permission to dwell in silence – to search for detail on what at first glance appears to be a subdued canvas… yet ultimately is alive with colour waiting to reward those who push through the veil into the quite resonance of the work.”

For more information e-mail: art@artintheyard.co.za

(Source: http://artintheyard.co.za/)


Fernando Viscasillas recreates Parade Ballet

Ballet "Parade" recreated by Fernando Viscasillas, selected artist for Artrooms London 2018. Artrooms, the first international contemporary art fair for independent artists.The painter inspires his last work in Parade Ballet. Composed between 1916 and 1917 by Sergei Diaghilev, is one of the most important works of its kind, among other things, because he managed to gather around him a whole generation of geniuses: Erik Satie, who composed the music , to Jean Cocteau, who was in charge of the script, going through Picasso, who designed figurines and curtains.  

“Actually, this project was launched many years ago, when I was studying Fine Arts, but it was not until now that I returned to it”, explains the author.  Among the reasons:  this year marks the centenary of its premiere in Paris, at the Théâtre du Châtelet.

The fascination that Viscasillas has for Diaghilev’s ballet  was what led him to dedicate this series of works to him. “Parade supposes a new point of view, a new concept, that entails a total rupture with the idea that had until the moment on the ballet”, explains. “Modernity is incorporated into dance with it”

Ballet "Parade" recreated by Fernando Viscasillas, selected artist for Artrooms London 2018. Artrooms, the first international contemporary art fair for independent artists.The first part of the project is a series of paintings on 2-meter papper.  “The second part of the work, to be done, will be a large four-meter canvas “, he adds. “My project starts with a portrait of the ballet characters, following a kind of script that will lead us to a great final battle between the managers by the spectators. With that fight between them, in the style of the pompier and battle paintings of San Romano, by Paolo Ucello, I will close the project “.

Source: http://diariodepontevedra.galiciae.com/noticia/775841/viscasillas-recrea-el-ballet-parade-para-la-fundacion-fernandez-florez

Curatorial Poetry: Diana Fernandez

Work by Diana Fernandez, Artrooms London 2018 selected artist. Artrooms, the first international contemporary art fair for independent artists.

“Those self-similar mathematical constructions commonly found throughout nature
are the language that inhabit the translucent stone universe
sculpted by her exceptional chisel

Diana Fernandez is a sculptor whose alabaster structures
offer  a translucent and ethereal quality
allowing her sculptures to constantly change
as the viewer’s perspective changes
or as the light moves around the space at different points in the day

Not focused on the material itself
but in its behaviour in relation to light or gravity
Diana is a sculptor of a kind of exponential cubism
and instead of seeing things from several viewpoints
she offers an experience of  thousands of fractured perspectives

This act of transformation reshuffles the original image
blurring the boundary between the imaginal world
and the real world of rocks, rivers, and oceans

Work by Diana Fernandez, Artrooms London 2018 selected artist. Artrooms, the first international contemporary art fair for independent artists.

She assumes the impossible
the challenge of sculpting the unseen
compelled by mystery
especially the mystery of the rock
and the forces that structure everything we know and experience

Her artwork is an invitation to us viewers
to be able to move in and around the fractal world
and change our inner perception as we do so

In the pinnacle of her sculpting etymology
she appropriates the forces of nature
to propel out an important clue for us
to hunt down the secrets of the universe

Are her fractal sculptures the road map to reality?
Do they symbolize a deliberate attempt to explain nature
or do they just happen to exist in the eyes of the beholder?
This is the challenge she excerpts from alabaster
to deliver our life experience with celestial- terrestrial- inner images.”

by british curator Ralph C. Valley on Diana Fernandez’s work, one of Artrooms London 2018 selected artists.

Source: curatorial-poetry

Bee Bantug exhibiting at IMPOLITE CONVERSATION

Artrooms London s2018 selected artist Bee Bantug will be exhibting at Impolite Conversations
The magical is always around us
How often are we are of it?
Is its place in art or the mundane?

"Time Travelers" by Elvira Bee Bantug, selected artist for Artrooms London 2018. Artrooms, the first international contemporary art fair for independent artists.This and many more intriguing notions await you at IMPOLITE CONVERSATION, a new Group Exhibition at UNTITLED 2.0 Gallery that will be running from the 3rd November to the 26th November 2017. Participating artists include HURT, Paul Silas Trapp, Claudia Cilloniz Marchini, Tom Glassman, Duane Megyesi, Allen Smith, Artrooms London 2018 selected artist Bee Bantug, E’ Bender Webb and Paul James Cunningham.
Join the reception evening on Friday, the 3rd November from 5-6pm and discover how you’d explore politics & religion with local artists.

UNTITLED 2.0 Gallery is located on 119 SE 6th St, Grants Pass, OR 97526 and is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 11:30am to 5:30pm.

Image: Time Travelers by Bee Bantug

Fashion, Art and Cocktail Event: Colbacco e Tacco 12 at ContiniArtUK Gallery

Detail of "Doppio Sogno", 2015 by Michelangelo Galliani
Ambra Cortina Luxury & Fashion Boutique Hotel is bringing to London the glamour of the Queen of the Dolomites with the fashion, art and cocktail event “Colbacco e Tacco 12”

ContiniArtUK, 105 New Bond Street, London, W1S 1DN Tuesday 7th November 2017, from 18.00 to 20.00

"Doppio Sogno", 2015 by Michelangelo GallianiIn occasion of the World Travel Market, Cortina d’Ampezzo is bringing its style and glamour to London at the prestigious ContiniArtUK gallery. Exclusive fashion hotel manager Elisabetta Dotto has decided to present the third edition of the celebrated party Colbacco e Tacco 12, traditionally held at Ambra Cortina Luxury & Fashion Boutique Hotel, to Europe’s most vibrant capital.

Having become a yearly appointment for members of the Queen of the Dolomites to mark the opening of the winter season during the Milanese holiday of Sant’Ambrogio, London’s first edition of the event will be held at ContiniArtUK. With roots linking back to Italy, the centrally located London art gallery is frequented by high end international art connoisseurs and collectors. At the same time as the Colbacco e Tacco 12 event, the gallery will inaugurate “The Stone Age” on its first floor; a group exhibition featuring works solely done in marble by various influential artists.

The idea of exporting this event to London attempts to unite two important fronts of the made in Italy, demonstrating the Hotel Ambra’s ambition of implementing their recently developed communication and investment strategies. By bringing to Cortina important masters and offering its internal and external spaces to exhibit the artworks, the hotel aims to increase its relationship with culture and art. Following the London event, the fashion party will be inaugurated in Cortina on the 8th of December, presenting new couture partners, exclusive guests, and with beautiful models cat walking throughout the evening.

Together with luxury car partner Bentley, three further Italian partners are also sponsoring the fashion, art, and cocktail event: the brand Regina supporting the fashion aspect, the Tenuta 2Castelli providing wine, and Art Style magazine.

Ambra Cortina Luxury & Fashion Boutique Hotel – An old lodging located in the centre of Cortina d’Ampezzo, the Queen of the Dolomites has been transformed into a sophisticated, international and fashion boutique hotel. Nonetheless, by upholding strong traditional values and becoming deeply embedded in its cultural and social setting, the hotel has successfully retained both its genius loci and its ability to provide luxury hospitality. This exclusive mountain resort is managed and curated by Hotel manager Elisabetta Dotto, 3rd generation hotelier and open-minded entrepreneur, who travels world-wide in order to attentively report major trends in luxury hotels. Selected by Grand Tour Hip Hotels as being one of the 600 most unique hotels in the world, Ambra Cortina is a luxury hotel with a familial and cosy atmosphere. Open throughout the whole year, and located in the heart of Cortina d’Ampezzo, the hotel is suited to ensure that every guest feels special and pampered throughout their stay.

ContiniArtUK – Art gallery ContiniArtUK, inaugurated in 2014 by Cristian Contini, works with unique talents, such as Omar Hassan, Helidon Xhixha and David Begbie, pairing them to great masters including Fernando Botero, Robert Indiana and Igor Mitoraj. Every year, ContiniArtUK presents diverse solo exhibitions in its New Bond Street gallery (London), as well as participating in important external projects and pampered throughout their stay.

Press Hotel Ambra Cortina: Giulia Rossi +39 338 2166003 – press@hotelambracortina.it
Press ContiniArtUK: press@continiartuk.com

Image: Michelangelo Galliani, Doppio Sogno, 2015, Statuario marble from Carrara and brass, 100×100 cm