Debbie Chapman at ‘Queeriosity’

Artrooms 2018 applicant Debbie Chapman will be of an art exhibition called Queeriosity, showcasing a range of artists and art forms exploring, creating and expressing a celebration of all things queer. Lasting for the whole month of August until the 2nd of September in the run up to Belfast Pride, the exhibition features over 50 works by 21 local, national and international LGBTQ artists and explores unconventional questions about the role of LGBTQ identities and experiences, interpreted through art.

The exhibition is over three inter-connecting rooms, with the lead in corridor showing both the introduction poster and also one exhibit, which consists of excerpts from what appears to be children’s notebooks – some very poignant writings.

The gallery items range from paintings, through ceramics, installations, photographs and cover a range of topics including marriage, how we are labelled within society and body shape.


Crescent Arts Centre

2-4 University Rd, Belfast BT7 1NH