Focus On: Pakistan at Artrooms London 2018

Profound Reflection

by Unab Sumbal


The Artrooms Fair is deligted to announce that as one of the Highlights of the 2018 Edition, we will be hosting Focus On: Pakistan. Curated by Zara Sajid at MyArtWorld, a platform for established and emerging artists, Focus On: Pakistan will be a group exhibition showcasing the latest artistic movements in the sub-continent.

Focus On: Pakistan has ignited a spark of enthusiasm amongst all candidates since day one, seeing over hundred applications in the first two weeks of the open call. Situated in South-Asia, Pakistan, officially known as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is the sixth most populous country in the world and has several diverse ethnic groups, which consequentially results in an eclectic mix of contemporary as well as traditional art being poured in the form of oil & acrylic paintings on canvas & wood, digital art, mixed media, ceramic sculptures, miniature paintings, print making and photography works, bringing together an interesting combination of mediums and concepts.

In the words of the curator Zara Sajid: “The assemblage of art is one of the most complex yet invigorating experiences. By virtue of being a mixed media artist myself, I envision art to break all norms and boundaries. The key element of the art prevalent in the sub-continent is its richness and attention to detail. Contemporary Pakistani artists have, however, dabbled in modernist art techniques and explored various mediums very successfully today. This country has produced maestros of art in their respective realms. My effort is to bring all such artists on to the same bandwagon as emerging artists to showcase their work on a global platform after a thorough process of screening and selection. “

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                              Untitled                                                                                                                                   Bounty Hunter

                     by Tahira Noreen                                                                                                                      by Omar Gilani