Welcome to ArtistsInfo

The Artrooms team is delighted to introduce you ArtistsInfo.co.uk, a platform committed to promote artists globally. To support you, ArtistsInfo will pay your application fee to the Artrooms Fair and in case you have already applied, you can still use this offer to register at a reduced fee.
– If you have not applied yet, register on ArtistsInfo.co.uk for the special fee of £39.99 (instead of £59.99) and get a free application for the Artrooms Fair. When registering on ArtistsInfo.co.uk use the CODE: ARTROOMSENTRY ( *)
– If you have already applied to the Artrooms Fair and want to join ArtistsInfo, please use CODE ARTROOMS20 to get £ 20 off ( *)


* The offer is valid for annual membership option only.
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