Miguel Sopena on show at the Lovely Gallery Open 2017 Exhibition

Miguel Sopena’s painting ‘The Valencia Series: The Old Town I’ (acrylic on linen, 92x73cm) has been selected to feature at the Lovely Gallery Open 2017 group exhibition. The Valencia series is inspired by Miguel’s home town of Valencia, in Eastern Spain. Miguel has explained that the series is ‘a free interpretation (rather than a literal translation) of the sights, sounds and textures of the town’ and that he only works on the series when he is physically in the city, since, as he explains, ‘the connection between the source material and the work suffers when I am back in my usual working environment in London’.

Miguel is a theoretical physicist who changed direction to train as a classically trained figurative painter but has recently developed an abstract and semi-abstract strand of work inspired by themes such as memory, identity, a response to the immediate environment, and a dialogue with the painting materials themselves. Miguel grew up in Valencia but is now based in London. His work, CV and contact and other information can be found on his website, www.miguelsopenaarts.com. The Lovely Gallery (www.thelovelygallery.com) is located at 140 Sydenham Road, SE26 5JZ in South London and exhibition hours are Thursday-Sunday 12-6pm. The Open 2017 exhibition runs 6-16 July.

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