Birth of a Cyborg

Hallidonto was recently invited to take part in a technical demonstration of Googletilt, an innovative virtual reality drawing software package.
By using his continuous line technique, he created a visual representation of a cyborg which was then transformed into a sculpture using the latest 3D printing technology. Hallidonto is in talks to bring my upcoming “Birth of a Cyborg” project in collaboration with Virtual Futures and Hobs Studio’s . Hob’s studios is the largest 3D printing bureau in the UK, Hob’s are proud to continue their tradition of collaborating with innovative artists, having previously worked with Grayson Perry and Antony Gormley. Virtual Futures Salon, a loose collective of artists, writers, cultural theorists, technological entrepreneurs, philosophers and filmmakers who meet at regular events to share their work and insights through a techno -philosophical lens

Hallidonto is presenting this project brief on Thursday 13th July at the Austrian Cultural Center. As I am looking for funding and potential gallery collaborators for the project. The image is the first the prototype Drawing-sculpture I did for a tech demo at Hobs Studios, this piece was featured at my recent solo exhibition at Joseph Fine Art. The links below are Hallidonto in action using Google tilt and Hob’s Studio.

My upcoming VR project:

My Hob’s studio tec demo and VR drawing into 3D print: